Ways to Improve Your Website’s SEO – The Basics


We know it is hard to improve your Search Engine Rankings. There are a few simple things you can do to contribute to improving your rankings. Read on to find out.

Submit Your Site

First, most search engines require you to submit your website to them. This will tell them ‘Hey I am here. Come and find me.’ Below are a few links to some of the major search engine submissions.



A robots.txt file tells search engines what to crawl and what not to crawl. This is important if there are individual pages you know might hurt your rankings. An example of a robots.txt file that allows your site to be entirely crawled is as follows:
User-agent: *

You would type the directory path if you would like to block it such as Disallow: /pictures.

Title Tags

The title tag is what you see in your tab at the top of your browser. You do not want it to be just your domain name. You want to tell visitors what they are going to see on this page. The title tag also shows up on the search engine. It is the first line of text in a listing.

You would create a title tag of a page with inserting HTML within the <head></head> tags.

<meta title=”This is my title. Kind of cool right.”>


The description is what displays below the title in your search engine listing. This will give visitors more information on what they will be visiting if they click your link. Keeping this under 250 characters is important.

<meta description=”This is my description. It will display underneath the title in search engine results.”>

Page Content

In the old days, keywords were the important aspect of getting higher up on the search engines. Nowadays, we ignore it. Anyone can place hundreds of different random keywords that don’t make any sense. You want to focus on your page content.

Try to have at least 300 words on your page. Have original material, and avoid long blocks of text. Between 1-5 sentences, ideally. Also, update your web page when you can. It is said to do so at least once every few weeks.


With this, you want to ensure all pages at least link to another page on your website. Broken links will kill your rankings. You will also want external links on your site. This can include links to your Facebook page or anything.


It is easy. The major search engines like a website that is being continually updated and what better way to do that than by blogging. Not only will it help increase your rankings, but it will make visitors want to stay on your website. Give them valuable information, tips, how to’s, and more.

I will have more for you all later on!

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