Starting a Podcast | Ep. #22

Starting your own podcast

Want to know how to start your own podcast and get a jumpstart with some of the few things we learned while creating this podcast? We have a ton of value to share with you and we’re drinking beer of course

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Abita’s Big Easy

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00:07 Hello, and as usual, thank you for listening. This is craft thinking. I’m BGC and I am Nealey on today. We’ve got a special one for you guys are talking about something close to the heart. We’re talking about starting your own podcast. I’m super excited about this podcast. Actually talking about kind of our failures or wins. Just everything in between. Yeah, exactly. It’s going to. It’s going to be a good time. We’ve learned along on the way and we’re ready to share that with you. Now. We first need to relax a little bit more and also test our theory about cars today. We have big, easy IPA. Now this is by abita. We’ve actually had a Beta on the show before heavily. Which one? I can’t remember the name, but we’ve had it before. Was the beer, do you know who’s not an IPA? I can’t remember specifically.

01:05 I just know him. It’d be, and we’ve had a bita, uh, anytime I have a bita, I tend to remember the experience because I do really like a Beta. A Beta is from the south, um, that is uh, uh, from a beetle springs. Louisiana, a, the big easy is usually reference to Nolan’s I’d been to before on a road trip for the south. Another Knowledge Collins, right? I’ve been, I’ve been to the south on a road trip and I’ve had a lot of different Abita beer. I’m a big fan of it, so it might be a good ipa. So the only way to find out if this is a good ipa is to open up and try it out. Ipa Fan. It’s probably a good one. No. Yeah, like I went to total wine today and I was like, you know what, it’s been a while. We’ve only had one IPA.

01:50 We got to give it a little bit of credit. Does have an impact on the industry. I was gonna get us an IPA from a local brewery, but it went out of season and it was a great ipa. But let’s, let’s focus on this one. Let’s focus on the easy. There was one by wilderness that I saw. It was a, uh, like a waffle IPA while for ips are right there. They’re, they’re dirty water IPA, which I don’t really call it that. It was dirty. Water is something. Ipa was actually phenomenal. Blew my mind. Let’s, let’s take a drink. Smells like an IPA.

02:31 OK. It’s not bad. No, it’s better than Lagunitas is easy. It is easy. Yeah. It’s big flavor. But the same time you definitely get the floral taste that you get with um, or that hoppy taste that you get with an APA. A little bit. A little bit of citrus I should say, which typically I want to bring on. Um, I want you don’t like grapefruit though. Do I mean I’ll try it. You hate grapefruit though, don’t you? But I’ll try it. But you hate it. I want to do balance [inaudible] OK, what about OK? You like pineapple, right? OK. So the next one that we’ll do is going to be the pineapple sculpin by ballas point. But finding that in total wine is a nightmare. So last summer there were in the, in one of the many beer aisles were sent on so many coups hunts for random beers.

03:22 Like I had a cousin messaged me today is like, hey, try this one. I will try, we will try to find it. Yeah, we, we, we, there was a banana bread when we were going to try and find that I hadn’t been around 10 years ago. I was curious if he was still good, but let’s focus on. Let’s focus on a pita pita. Again, thank you for, for producing something solid. I would like to be sponsored by a few breweries. I like to be sponsored by total wine. Imagine of total wine sponsored us, but we’re not going to give you any money, but when you come in, here is a total wine card that you can buy like six beers on note. I will talk about them every episode, three episodes in total wine. I’m going to reach that. We’ve mentioned. We’ve talked about you a lot right now.

04:07 Imagine this on every episode, every episode, checking out total wine and more. Oh yeah, that’d be like, Oh yeah, I go to total wine every weekend. They have the best beer selection that I’ve ever seen, but can you get more than just beer and wine at total? More Justin. Oh my gosh. You get so much more. And what about the prices? Amazing. Oh my God. OK, total wine, you could have that on every episode. Absolutely everyone. If you pay for our beer, it’s like $12 a week. I just to sometimes it’s more than that because it’s craft beer. Yeah. Your cost $12 a week, you know. So I feel it’s a fair relationship here. Even if we only hit a couple a week, but they, s they hear total lifetime value is credit. We get you one customer, we get you one person who just really likes any type of alcohol.

05:03 They’re spending a lot more than $12. Exactly. So, you know, uh, you should send this to them and see what if they’re willing to sponsor is. We will be transparent about it, but we will make it nice banter every time. So I promise to you. All right, so we’re gonna start talking about our topic of the day, starting your own podcast. So that’s the thing. I actually, you know, before this, I’m not going to lie, I actually had a couple people that did want to start a podcast with me and I was like, that sounds great. Went from there. Uh, and one of the reasons, because I knew it’s actually a lot of work, it can be a lot of work to, to run a podcast. It’s been so much work, it’s a lot more than just sitting in a room and recording. It’s, it takes a lot and we’re going to kind of take you through kind of our process and what we’ve really gotten out of this and hopefully we can help really jumpstart your progress on it.

05:59 So you’re not starting from zero. Exactly right. I mean we definitely started from there and I got to say justice done a phenomenal job. He’s done a lot of research. He does a lot of social media. He does a lot of the legwork on here. I’ve learned so much from him on all the different things when it comes to running, running a podcast and it’s something that it comes down to. There’s more, there’s more than just the technical side too. So let’s jump in and let’s, let’s take a look at the start with the top. The top three things you need to start a podcast. So there’s apps, there’s three things, regardless of whatever you’re doing, there’s three things you need to start a podcast. You need obviously episodes or content that’s you recording into a microphone. That’s the episode itself. You need a host.

06:41 We invest, we went over that with a previous episode post. I don’t. Don’t be egging me out, like hosting a hosting provider called the online storage for your. Your podcast style is your episodes and any rss feed. If you don’t know an rss feed, you can think of it as on Netflix. If you go to Netflix and go to say stranger things too, which I’ve started to binge watch the last uh, last season’s been phenomenal man. Thinking this weekend is going to be the weekend you need to, but you go to stranger things and you’ll see it listed there. Episodes that is essentially an rss feed is it shows the list of the episodes available to listen and download and you can listen, download. So by default, those are the absolute three things you need when starting a podcast. So who are you going to get into? Kind of the things about it. Like what don’t you get out of podcasting or here’s two things you’re probably not going to get. Some do, but it’s the very, very top, you know, we’ll say the top one percent, but it might be even less than that and that’s what. You’re not going to get money. You’re not going to get fame. Typically that wasn’t a possibility. Very unlikely. Yeah. It’s very unlikely that you are going to make a ton of money out of podcast. Understanding when Justin, I do this just hanging out and talking about business and talking about beer and that’s what we love doing. We were already doing this before the podcast.

08:13 It just came down to it. Why don’t we record this and that gives purpose to our conversations in the purposes. Even if a woman business owner listens and says, you know what? I didn’t think about coming up with a business plan or when I came with business, but I didn’t think about doing market research on my customers before actually launching the business or I didn’t think of having a good domain name. I didn’t think about how about how I was being inconsistent with my business. Something if that saves one business, that is is someone who has been able to have their life impacted by it just from our normal conversations.

08:47 Like my whole goal behind this is to at least have one person say without craft thinking, I would not be where I am today, but that’s my. Even if it’s just one person, obviously I want to make that reach a lot higher, but if I, if I can impact one person’s like without them I would not be where I am. Like that’s huge.

09:05 When I joined alcoholics anonymous with their damn you guys, if the whole no business owner says that I will definitely try every single one of their beers. I tried to, I tried. I mean I’ll just be me. I’ll just be like without, without justin Nealey and craft thinking jobs was part of. I wouldn’t be here today talking about how Alcohol destroyed my life. So let’s talk about what you will get out of it.

09:38 Casting personally out of doing this whole experience. You know, I’ve actually gotten a little bit of therapy out of it. I got to learn a lot about myself and what I really believe about certain things. I’ve got a lot of just, you know, personal fulfillment out of it, like this is, this is something that every Monday when we get together I have a purpose and that purpose is to go and do this podcast. And it’s fun. It’s, you talking about being a sole solo preneur is you’re following your passions. And I, you know, for me, I’m, I’m, I binge watched shark tank. I show about business and investing. I Binge Watch that type of thing, you know. And so I remember, uh, you know, my ex girlfriend, she actually, we watched the show, she didn’t even like to show, she likes me just pausing and be like, Oh God, that’s a horrible valuation where you’re talking about.

10:33 Or like I would start picking apart the shorts and like, they’re missing this part in this part. They need to ask this question. They would ask that question, I’m like, boo Ya. And she’s like, she was just watching me the whole time. Right. That’s the type of person that I am, right. Um, and so just being able to come here and just talk about it. I’m just, I’m finding out more things about myself. I’m having fun. I feel like I look more purpose in life and I think it brought you and I closer. Yeah, definitely. They were the two best buds that anyone could ever.

11:04 It’s been a fun experience, especially if you’re doing this with, with somebody else. I highly recommend you don’t just podcast yourself, you gotta have your own separate podcast. That’s fine. They have a podcast where you’re doing it with a friend or a coworker or someone that you, you know, it’s going to bring it closer together and you’re going to continue to learn. And I like doing this research and like looking at different topics and look at different stuff about business. Like I’ve had to learn so much more than I would have without doing this. Like getting a different perspective. Especially just hearing Brandon’s perspective and putting it with mine and like, man, that makes sense. I can just really capitalizing on it. It’s been crucial and it’s made a huge to running my own businesses and doing my full time job itself. It’s been amazing. I’m just glad I could impact your son. I said episode this episode. He,

11:54 I’d be doing it by myself. I gave him an extra chance, episode

11:58 three guys by myself going to be like, I was waiting three and that’s it. So no, I mean the same here, like the math things I’ve learned about social media, things I’ve learned just from Justin about web development and uh, just you’ll learn about running a business, helping small business owners has actually been phenomenal as well. So when it comes down to it, you know,

12:28 I find, you know, find your niche and follow your passions. A really big thing too. Like I got, I had a incredible opportunity to host a workshop or run a part of the workshop for podcasts at yourself here recently and just be able to see the, the community behind podcasting itself. Like I was talking to people and they, they’ve known each other in that room and there’s like 20 to 40 and I didn’t count. Those was a good amount of them that known each other for like 10, 15, 20 years and they’ve all been a part of that community. They’ve all helped each other out with everything that they’ve done and they’ve all had an invested interest in their success.

13:06 It’s crazy because my neighbor was that, that was that, that blew my mind. Of course, I hope in my neighbor, uh, texted me. He’s like, you know, just immediately I was like, yeah, I worked with him. He’s like, yeah, he works at you know, you to go to your. But I was like, yeah, why is it going to podcast in like, oh, you’re there, Huh? He’s saying hi to him. Like, Oh yeah, I’ve known him for years. We’d do a podcast. And he was like, oh, that’s awesome. And like, tell him that I know. I’m like, yeah, go for it. Right. And so we’ve actually now seeing someone I know in that community and even how we were introduced this podcast, I was just telling one of our communications pr guys that work. I was like, do this, this, this, this podcast, the small business owners.

13:51 And he was like, that is, that is so awesome. I, I love that you’re doing that. You’re going for the sole proprietor. He’s like, Hey, uh, can you are Nealey do a podcast. And I was planning to be out of the country. So I’m like Nealey could do it. Volunteer, volunteered for. It was one of those things where I had no idea that this is the per was actually part of this community, right? Introduced us to. And Nealey did a phenomenal job. We got some call outs for our podcast and everything and it’s amazing the people that we’ve met who are passionate about this topic,

14:22 stuff like I again, podcast is not going to bring in money or fame, but it will bring you a network of people which also brings opportunities like I was talking to someone or are they were, they were doing like the q and a session at the end is like, yeah, the guy that was that listen to my podcasts actually now my boss, like they got to. They were listening to what I was saying and then I’d talk to an episode where I got laid off and the next day is like, how’d you like to come work for me?

14:50 What that if you have a job,

14:52 veil was paying 100,000 dollars plus a contact at crafting [inaudible]. So, um, but, uh, aside from that, you know, one thing I like about it, and he’s mentioned before his other research, you kind of then become, you kind of become an expert on these things. You have proof that you’re an expert, that you can put that on a resume. You can bring that up in interviews, you can talk what you learned about it. Um, when it comes down to it, there are pros and cons of a way where I’m gonna hold on. Before we really jump into to all of that, uh, the very first thing that we’ve really experienced was the, the kind of the Mike set up, remember episode like one through three. We were, we were using some like real Janky lavaliers to get it like the, the quote itself. Um, what, what was it by, uh, George S Patton, the, uh, violently executed plan today is way better than a perfect plan executed next week or something like that. That person said the same thing. You know, we kind of went for the beginners, like, let’s do this podcast. We’re not really ready. Let’s just do it. We’ll figure it out. And we’ll just from there, like if you’re just listening to this episode for the very first time, I’m hearing about craft thinking. Listen to episode number one, look at how much of a difference there is the audio quality,

16:12 the one, two, three. Then listen to three through 19. And listened to 20 because we upgraded the microphone and this microphone, it is way better as far as the sound quality.

16:24 So there there’s a giant debate in the community of podcasters with USB mics itself. We’re using a blue yeti. I picked up the Blue Yeti because I’m going to be doing like video stuff as well, so I needed something for both. Um, people use an audio mixer and microphones and look that up if you’re not really sure what it is. It’s the big three prong thing. It’s really great for recording to device. Not so great if you’re doing video work itself. But the Blue Yeti, I like it. I get it. Does the job. It does sound s and still pretty professional. Obviously it’s not as not 100 percent like the, the top of the line, but it still sounds pretty great from what we were listening to earlier.

17:04 Yeah. The other two microphones that we had, a, they were good, but we’re getting a lot more of an echo on, um, I think it was, it was recording on a sock, on both sides is what we’re looking listening the, the spot we were talking into and the other side which was the wall. Even if we put something behind it, uh, it still sounded like an echo, whereas this is, we can make it unidirectional only towards our voices. You get lists, lists of an echo that way, right? So, uh, when it comes to, when it comes to the equipment, you can always start out free. I think it’s with some of the, um, not the micro, but the software, when it comes down to it, uh, we use, I believe

17:44 udacity, right? I’d ask is free of windows or Mac. It’s a, there’s a learning curve guys. We’re not going to teach you how to use it. Audacity has tons of tutorials online. It’s the, it’s probably the first thing that almost every podcast or uses to edit their audio because it’s, it’s so versatile and it’s free. So next part is do you go self hosted or hosted podcasts? There’s pros and cons to that, right? So

18:13 if you host it on your own, you’re able to just embed it into the content that is good and all. But the problem is it’s just on your site and I think it’s a little more complex to hosted on your own, especially with the analytics side of it. Right? So there are some,

18:30 yeah,

18:30 hosted podcasts which take care of a lot of the different things for you. The first one, when I say this, Justin’s is going to cringe because our last job still going a blueberry beer.

18:40 He really struggled through it. So

18:44 I’m the first one is called blueberry, but spelled a, B L U B E r r y.

18:49 Why or why they don’t like all the uh, Gosh, I’m blanking valves. Gosh,

18:58 we only use available so they don’t like all of them. They just like you. Brain is just, they don’t like what I’m seeing here. The only keys. So, um, we, we don’t use blueberry though. I’m the one we use, I believe is Podbean Pod, p o d, b e a n. we’re looking at the interface today. I really liked the interface and it’s pretty expensive.

19:24 Yeah, so the top podcasts hosts out there. There are people that are going to host your audio files, your rss fee, and there’s all my storage for your site. Blueberry Lipson is the most popular. I hate their interface to be honest. It’s super outdated if it feels like I’m in the early two thousands, so I hated it as a designer myself, a buzzsprout. We started off with using and then Podbean actually heard this from Pat Flynn, the dude that runs smart passive income podcast. If you haven’t heard of that one, please listen to it. It’s amazing, but I’ve been checking out pod, pod bean. It’s for what it is and how cheap it is. It does so much. It gives you a pretty versatile looking site. A, it gives you a place to host your files. You can edit a bunch of stuff. The statistics on it are fantastic. You can see where people are, listen to what they’re listening to it on a bunch of other cool features and it’s just as easy to use, which is most important. It has to be easy and it has to be easily shared with between all providers.

20:27 So it comes down to it. I mean there’s pros and cons when it, when it comes to, I mean the pros because we were talking about, we’re talking about

20:34 starting with these, with these other places are hosted on your site. Yeah. Um, so obviously couple pros, it’s simpler to have on someone else’s, on a hosted podcasts. It’s, it’s simpler. Don’t need to know coding. You don’t use wordpress. WordPress is right for you or not. If you don’t know, check out episode 20, 20, 20. It can typically handle higher, higher spikes of traffic. So say you were your broadcast on like NBC today or some, some major newscasts and you had a large amount of people about come to your site. They can typically handle that because if you’re not on a shared environment, they, they handle just the podcast traffic.

21:18 Yeah. And there’s. And there’s less maintenance, like I always recommend you have a site for your podcast, but the cool thing about it is you can just get the rss feed code, put it on your site, and the great thing about it is less chance of something going wrong in your site because they’re using the bandwidth for the heavy stuff, like the audio. Your site is just your hosting provider is just the text and the images which has always used low res images. You don’t go crazy on certain things. It’s going to be easy for them.

21:45 And guys, that’s exactly what we do. Like we have our very own site at kraft [inaudible], but our, our podcasts and Rss Feeder is actually hosted on Podbean. I’m not an affiliate with them. It’s just it’s what we’ve chosen to use b from the functionality it gives us. We have both. And you should too. You should give the heavy lifting for your actual podcast file to one of these providers and have your own site so you can control what you want to control.

22:10 Yeah. And then the next thing is we’ve already talked about this. You should track everything, right? The great thing about this is there going to be able to give you statistics specifically to the podcast itself. Like one great thing about Google analytics to your site is yeah, you can see how people go on to the site, which pages they went to. It might be more difficult to figure out if they actually listened to the audio, right. Whereas podbean will tell you exactly how many audio listeners you had, whether you play, whether it was the site that you use, their code to embed or on any of your sources. So I liked the idea of having the statistics to see exactly how many people listen to the podcast. Not simply going to work

22:54 a website, we’re nerds and all that stuff, but you really should be able to understand, again, your audience and what they like and what they’re doing. Can I help you plan the next strategy to really get to that next level where we’re trying to get to. So our personal recommendation is have both. So have your. Your podcast hosted on one of those was hosted podcast services and have your website but have your audio files on your site itself. So it’s a little bit of best of both worlds. Yeah. So couple of pro tips with craft thinking when it comes to podcasts. Let’s, uh, let’s, let’s jump into this next segment. Pro Tips, craft thinking

23:34 produce grabbed it. And I think the big thing we talked about somewhere to social media and our social media episode is you need to engage with your followers, engage with your target audience.

23:43 If you record it, they will not come.

23:45 That’s a very good point. Quite a lot of episodes like unless you’re nothing

23:52 like Rican, sit here and talk about all this stuff in and our content could be the holy grail of content, but if we don’t do anything with it, we don’t actually engage people and we don’t market our stuff and talk about it. There’s no one that’s going to actually listen to it. And especially with the recordings, like it doesn’t pick up on Google search engines. It doesn’t understand that. So what did you feel last file on dark web? Just gone forever.

24:15 Turkey for other darkweb deep, dark wet. I’m kind of scared or for the dark web a don’t ask questions, but. OK, fair enough. Fair enough. So not ready though. God. So the next thing is, you know, when it comes down to this, understand that there is a little too little actual editing on our show. Practically nothing has cut out. It’s a very rare occasion. Uh, and so the big thing is one, the reasons why we don’t do too much editing because we want to be real. We want to be authentic, right? There’s, there’s been plenty of banter between myself and Justin. Sometimes you do a fun fact. Sometimes we don’t. Only if it comes up in the conversation, right? Same thing when it comes to my beliefs on wordpress versus Justin’s. Yeah. <Unk>, uh, I was very authentic on my views on wordpress and certain situations, right? So be be yourself if you’re being fake it, even if they don’t, even if they don’t see that guys being fake and so constantly play, they’ll probably just go, for some reason I don’t like that person. And it’s probably because you’re not actually being genuine

25:20 and it’s OK to mess up. Like there’s probably been. Actually, there has been times where we’ve messed up while we’re talking a couple of episodes ago. I know I was like way out of it, so I was not on my game. And uh, I kinda blended through it. I stumbled through words and really say sale whole. I really relied on brandon talking most of the time because I was not on my game. But it’s fine. Like be real, but you be authentic. You realize you’re going to make mistakes. And if you make mistakes, just kind of power through them. People are going to relate to you a lot more that, hey, this guy is not perfect, but you know what? I’m not perfect either. Like I remember the last time I did something like that, I, I fell short or a. I remember last time I went to the grocery store and this happen, whatever the story is that you’re doing, just talk about it and just be you. People relate to people that, that are liked them a lot more than some superstar celebrity that, that, that it’s just, it’s foreign to them. It’s just, it’s just two guys talking and drinking beer and talking about business. There’s probably plenty of people like that that are just drinking beer and just shooting the shit about whatever they’re talking about and that’s the market we’ve really want to reach.

26:31 It comes down to it. Why do something that you’re not being yourself and you find the time where we weren’t ourselves. How did you really feel about that? You probably didn’t feel so great, you know? So another thing that I want to talk about kind of goes into my, you know, with me being a writer in one thing, when I, when I, when I was writing a, it was reading novels, I was also reading a lot. I was, I was looking at what people that were successful were doing and I got inspired by that and it even changed what my writing for the better it. This in this podcast listened to other podcasts. You what they do, see what they don’t do. So you can improve on, you know, we’re not saying to copy them and we’re not saying to copy them, uh, you know, a hundred percent, but you can take, oh, I like what they’re doing, but I can improve upon that.

27:19 Back to my favorite quote, good, hardest copy, great artists steal, steal the best parts of everyone else and making her own.

27:27 Yeah. Justin showed me a podcast is like we should do this. And I was like, well, we can do that in a different form. But once he was like, I don’t see us doing it exactly that way and we made it our own. And I in when at the end of it, uh, I feel a lot better about what we’re doing. It feels a lot more natural. Light allows us to be genuine, be ourselves that we talked before. So, you know, perfect. Your craft, like the best musicians have listened to the best musicians before them. Even the unknown musicians that they never made a big. You hear either interviews, they will list off a thousand musicians that they listened to. Especially in like look at, you know, jazz and stuff like that and those 1000 musicians that they listened to allow them to make their own and something special. It technically still a little bit, a little bit out of a thousand different people and then put their own spin on it and from that came something new and creative and amazing, kind of like miles Davis who was mentored by Charlie Parker and miles Davis came up with three or four different versions of jazz. He knew every jazz musician out there is mentored by one as well

28:35 and to to to really build on that like all that’s doing is you’re continuing to learn, continuing to grow and and pick up different things to, to better yourself. I make a personal challenge every day to learn at least one thing new. Like if you’re listening to this right now, like what is one thing that you’ve learned today doesn’t have to be related to your field and does not have to be related to it. Really anything like what is one thing you learn? The majority of people that I asked that question or that they don’t have an answer for that because they just go through the motions of their day and then the day’s over and it’s the next day, but if you really make it a challenge to learn something new at absolutely every day, like you continue to grow and you continue to become that next generation of you that you were meant to be. So that, that’s, that’s my challenge to you, is continuing to learn one new thing every day.

29:27 Well, that’s one of the charge. Beyond that, you then need to do to adjust. You need to take a look what you can always be doing better from what you learn. You can listen to all the podcasts, you can read all the books and we’ve seen that so many times in the workplace. People get the feedback, they use

29:42 all the resources, but they don’t actually then adjust what they’re doing to be successful. So I mean that, that’s the gist of it when it comes down to really starting your own podcast, uh, things to look at, um, check out the show notes on craft thinking, not calm, episode number 23 to search episode 23. You’ll get to this one here will have a little bit more information and really detailed with as far as like what it takes to actually create your own podcast. So you guys have that. But question of the day, if you were going to create a podcast, what would it be about? And if you already have a podcast, let us know what it is. Self promote, just, I don’t even care if it’s just self promotion. Let us know what you’re doing. Like we want to be able to see all the people that are listening to this and see what, what they’re getting into because we want to see if what we’re doing is helping them. They’re taking our feedback or if they’re just now starting with or have the side hustle, if it’s just a hobby with friends where they’re doing like what is the podcasts you want to start? Or what does the podcast you’re doing right

30:47 now? All right, so and with that AGC, and I’m Nealey guys, and this is craft thinking job,

31:01 we’re going to get sued.

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