Personal Branding Your Personal Account | Ep. #26

personal brand your account

You are an expert in your own craft and it is time to let the world know about it. We go over a few ways you can start to be seen as a thought leader in your niche and finding your passion along the way. We were on the go so the audio was not up to our normal standards so we apologize in advance!

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Wilderness Brewery Pecan Pie Brown Ale


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00:09 hello and thank you for listening. This is episode 26 of craft thinking, talking about how to personal brand your personal account. I’m Nealey guys

00:09 and I’m BGC.

00:20 And before we get started we’re going to go ahead and drink some delicious beer. As always, I’m super excited about this one. I was actually eating at their brewery yesterday, um, for those of you listening is probably months from now yesterday. And I tried a little sample of it and I kind of fell in love and come to find out because he’s already had this in the past. So it’s perfect or drinking a favorite.

00:42 Yeah, you know, I, I, uh, it’s been about two or three years I think. So I’ve heard this, uh, it’s by wilderness brewing is they’re Pecan Pie Brown Ale, but timelessness episode, this will not be out anymore, so you can’t drink along with us with this one,

00:57 although if you’re following us on social media, we are, we do post about the stuff we, uh, we drink. And is that way you’re kind of up to date with the seasons. So let’s, uh, let’s give this a taste. Taste. It’s been awhile. I’m excited, although I haven’t really officially rated this yet.

01:18 Oh Wow. They’ve definitely improved on the recipe.

01:25 Like I went into the wilderness yesterday and the whole vibe they’d keep like elevating it. Like I love that place.

01:33 It’s awesome. Yeah, they did a lot with the décor. I’m they pray they remain consistent to who they are, which I think is good. I actually went there very close to them after they opened and I actually hated their beer, their first brew I wasn’t a fan of, but I think I also think that they kind of rushed it as well. Their second batches beyond had been solid. They do a really good monastic series that do have St John’s. They really experimented a lot with some really good things and they’ve even made some Ipa that have just blown my mind too.

02:01 I did have something in mountain ipa was a big fan of. It might be because my taste buds are changing for my students so often because I’m sick so my taste buds are just dead

02:16 in this episode. Guys. I apologize as breathing

02:21 at times, but yeah, I’m definitely a fan. That feelings that guys wanted description to Brownell Pecans, maple syrup and vanilla beans. Eight percent alcohol by volume and they come in a pint, little cans. So it’s a good amount of beer.

02:36 Yeah, I love these tall cans. That’s great because you don’t want a four pack, but if you really feel that by the end of it, you’ve actually had a full beard.

02:45 So I’m definitely a fan. Definitely probably would come back before they get rid of this. I still want to try man. Yeah, I forgot the name of the beer. I was taught to be talking about it a while ago. Um, it’s like sung. Yeah, a plastic. We’re just going to move on. Um, what are we talking about? Say Brandon?

03:07 It’s about personal brand. Your personal account. Basically, you know, one thing to remember is that when you opened this business, you’re that small business owner and so people can always go with a larger corporation. They can go with one of the other small business owners out there and a lot of larger corporations have the funds to out do everything you do. People though do buy into a personal brand and that can bring loyalty and also get the benefit of the doubt and make, make them feel like they’re supporting. So we like them. A small business owner rather than this, this giant. Correct.

03:45 I appreciate that giant corporation without a face. The. The whole idea of having a personal brand is to show your face and show really what you’re about it. We’ve got a pretty good outline that we want to kind of talk about of really doing this and the first part of it is to actually set personal branding goals. You’ve got to understand why you’re actually doing this. You can’t just go out there and say, I’m going to have a personal brand. Let’s do this. Like what is the actual point yet to define what success is when you do that. So once you figure out what you’re doing it for, whether it’s to get more job offers or grow your, your side hustle or grow business, I define what success has to look. Success actually looks like in terms of how many instagram followers you have or twitter followers, facebook followers, things like that. How many clicks to the site, how many mentions, how many conversations now you guys can really do almost anything just to find what success actually looks like. Well, why is that important?

04:38 Well, it will then allow you to keep track and to basically see if you’re achieving your goals or not. If you, if you wander aimlessly, you can’t be surprised when you to get anywhere. When you walked in circles, you got an even. Even though this stuff, it’s always sounds boring to do the analysis and tracking your results there. There’s a reason you should do a psychological level. It gives you something to strive for. It gives you something to go after and if you’re not tracking it, most likely to just be walking around in circles. Got really nothing to shoot for. Now, when you’re, when you’re doing all this, I picked this up from the, uh, seven habit habits of highly effective people. He’s not specifically talking about an so on your personal tab. I think it moves over to this and let’s try it. A personal mission statement, like right, who you want to be, right?

05:33 What then, what attributes and characteristics go along with that and what actions go along with that. So start with the character generally you like what is your character and then go into the actions, how you’re going to show that, and this might be something that you take some time to really reflect and look internally and then you have to then look at how do I want to be seen? And a lot of people don’t do that. I mean we’ve all been to that party where there’s that person that’s there and no one wants to be around them. There’s no way that they want to be seen that way, but they don’t actually stop and take a look at how am I being seen? How do I want to be seen and what things do I need to do? Exhibit to be seen that way, right?

06:16 Laughs. It kind of goes back to, yeah, to be you first and foremost. You can’t try to be something that you’re not everyone has a strengths or weaknesses is you guys really need to play to your strengths and play to to really who you are as a person because that’s what people are going to buy into. People can spot a fake. If you’ve ever watched the family get family guy episode just the day, that is a phony.

06:40 Yeah, right.

06:42 He lives here. That’s who you’re going to die and you don’t want to be that especially to get out and there’s no coming back from that. I see all these. He’s a instagram accounts or these guys that are driving all these fancy cars and taking all these jazz and it’s just bullshit. They rented that car for the day for about a hundred hundred 50 bucks to get a couple of instagram photos, or are they walked on a jet fuel, did give a little tour and then take us around and picks and they’re telling their followers all this the life I live based on what I’m doing and it’s all fake. It’s absolutely fake.

07:15 And that’s the thing people could think of those accounts where you’ve looked at them randomly with their friends of friends or even a friend of yours and you could just right away like that is not any way genuine there. That is a bunch of bs. And that’s why I, that’s why I do feel like you really should write that personal mission statement. I actually did that about a week and a half ago and it was hard. I really had to look inside what I really wanted, not just what was on the surface and I had sharing it. Uh, I have to go back and look at it as a long paragraph and everything. I had to revise it a bunch of times too. Like, I really thought it’d be so easy, but I think that started out of I will, uh, I will better balance work and personal life and uh, when I get home from work I will do this, this and that.

08:03 When I have friends over or spend less time looking, I won’t spend any time looking at my email from work. I will take genuine interest in what they’re, um, their, their interests are even stuff like that. And it was always started with so with the character that I wanted to have and the actions that I was going to do to back it up and you don’t want it from for me was, you know, I’ve, I’ve spent a lot of time traveling a whole lot since I was in college, but I have not been good the day to day stuff. Like, and part of that was balancing home life is having a home that I couldn’t really go home to and I’m making sure I stay on top of those projects and stuff and be proud to have friends over with and stuff. So it was, it was, it was definitely an interesting introspective and I’m not gonna lie, I was going through a really hard time and I had to figure out who I was and who I wanted to be and uh, it took me, it took me a good hour just to get the first, like four or five sentences out to really know what I wanted

09:03 and that personal mission statement guys, it has to be authentic, has to be genuine and it’s supposed to be difficult because you’re trying to really envision who you want to be in, how to actually get there, pretty made a good point of how, what those characteristics for, but also what the actual actions are. You can say that I’m going to be this awesome person and we have a million followers on the web design expert. I’m going to talk about a craft beer all the time, whatever, uh, but if you don’t have any actions is actually to do that. You’re going to stay at that ground zero.

09:33 Right? So when we talking about moving forward is very important. Like anything with branding, consistency is key. As soon as you were inconsistent, you have broken that promise because you are. Your brand is a promise, so you need to keep a main theme and how you intend to do that is keep it honed in on one or two topics. Anything beyond that might dilute the theme itself. Those are kind of message. Less is more. If you are an consistent with who you are and what your brand is supposed to be. By keeping one or two topics, people will monitor the file that it’s very similar with leadership training. He takes a specific leadership training. You find out that when you’re giving somebody a development plan, you don’t give them more than three topics. You try to keep it to one or two things that they should master and do that for a reason because otherwise you’re going to have way too many actionable items. You don’t know what to prioritize, so find one or two topics that you can really get your man to even start there.

10:35 Absolutely, and it kind of goes back to you can’t. When you have those, those main topics like we do a craft beer and we talked about basically the foundations of running a business or a side hustle for this whole printers and small businesses. Um, we, we lately, at least we’ve been posting a lot about beer, but we’re still going to post about business and stuff like that or telling you you guys are store. We’re keeping it to those one or two topics of beer and business. We’re not going to posting about coffee and endangered animals and then Rena memes and then me breaking brain and all of that would be hilarious.

11:08 We should turn into that show. We’ve seen those youtube videos where they started printing each other the next six months later. They’re like, they’re doing a horrible things. Awful. It just doesn’t stop every time. Yeah. And after like a week, like real shit has to go down and then we gave each other. We’re still doing the same account for that.

11:27 But what this guy’s, I. If the only people that are going to follow you, if you, if he posts literally about everything or the people that actually know you, that are close friends with you, beyond that, you’re not going to get some random person that’s going to genuinely follow you if you deal with. They’re basically just following people just to follow people. So it’s not a real follower that you actually want. There’s no real value to it.

11:51 People follow who believe what they believe. And so I stole that from Simon Sineck. We bring them up a lot, but yeah, there’s lots to that. And so if you are, if you’re posting about 10 different topics, what you really believe is going to be muddled down and they’re the people who are not. People are not going to identify with. I give them something concrete to identify with. So when we talk about, um, ways to do that, get people to your falling, what’s your ultimate passion about? And I’ve been using these and I feel like I’m betraying myself. I’ve been doing this. I’m personally, it’s better. I know I’m doing my personal instagram too. Um, and follow along. I know and I hate it. I love at the same time that’s used hashtags. I was the Anti Hashtag movement man,

12:47 man, episode 13, like you talked about, all, all about how you just hate it. I do 76. He hates somebody. Loves he hates it.

12:56 I do get to fit exactly on instagram because instagram, I love it. And here’s the reason why. There’s people that I didn’t even know like those posts about beer or some about find your adventures of a big thing is make everything and adventure in life. Many adventures and people started like liking it and following me around this idea of find a way to always make your life any adventure. And it felt really good. That was one of those things where that kind of became my own little personal brand for the time. I’ll try to figure this stuff out, but use that, use those hashtags. And as Jessica going to go back to episode 13, uh, cause I told him what the hell a Hashtag is and how you’re going to use it. Uh, when it comes to Hashtags, you can do up to 20 to 30 per post as a comment.

13:45 I actually stole that from our episode 13. I will post my picture and then a comment. I will do the hashtags. How tough is it to come up with those hashtags? Honestly, it’s not that talk because if you start to type them in like gives you ideas around what was, we’re finding keywords you like, start typing on it and you’ll find how popular it is and then you can determine like how specific do I really want to go? So my thing is just getting creative. Do just do a search, a Hashtag, just just start typing a keyword and see what, what other people are doing on popularity. Then deleted. Try another one until you find out what fits you. I actually found it really easy and again, I love it. I hate it that they made it so easy.

14:32 He loves it here. Just smiling because he’s a half-hour episode 13. Like I was just, I talk most of that episode A. Yeah. Yeah. Uh, and yeah, some, some good value and just more just a understand don’t always do this or I’m just saying I’ll just do that and it’s good to finally come into the light

14:54 and I only do this because the craft brewing, I was just like, if I’m going to do this, I need, I might, I might personally to be consistent with this.

15:02 It’s something that I’ve, I’ve been kind of struggling with in my personal brand because I have a lot of friends and family that follow me and I used to post a lot of my stuff on instagram but I don’t even remember not to post everything on instagram because the other people that follow me don’t know me. So it becomes diluted and it’s definitely a fine line that you have to kind of figure it out. And if you guys need to post a video, basically setting the expectations of what your account’s going to be. That way the people that follow you and understand what you’re going to be doing. And if they’re not on board they can unfollow you. No big deal. And you kind of move on.

15:37 Hashtag the Hashtag round. I hate myself so much right now. I, um, you know, is much more expert on this. So the big thing is you need to do research on Hashtags as much as it’s great. It was great for me to just jump in and start coming up with it. That was easy, but you’ve got to make sure that the right way. So we’re, how can you research hashtags it rapidly.

16:02 So we’re going to have a couple of resources here for you guys. Just come to the show notes. I either go to just search episode 13 or episode 26 on our search via craft thinking. We’ll have some resources for you in the show notes. That way it’ll make your life super easy, but the very easy is part of it is doing what [inaudible] said and just start typing Hashtag and then keyword and then you can see how people actually posting about it and choose your own adventure essentially. And pick which ones you want to do a. there’s a lot more ways to do it, a lot more in depth ways to do it, but at the very basic level, especially starting out and test those out now you can see like if different hashtags and different legs and whatnot, like I used to when I first started my account, I think I had like 60 followers. I use the Hashtag combination of some sort that got me like 400 likes and like 30 comments. I was like, what the hell is that?

16:53 Right?

16:54 Um, and then I try those same variation later and it didn’t do that. So something just aligned in that time. But keep testing guys. Uh, another way to kind of really help with your personal brand is when you start adding your posts and people start commenting, don’t leave those comments and it’s just out to pasture. You want to actually comment back. Those people took the time to say something. For the most part there’s, sometimes you’ll get those spots and just randomly post comments with. But for the most part you’ll get people that generally comment on your posts out of their day just to say something. Whether it’s like a Kudos or it’s a question or whatever it is, reply back to them. Even if it’s just a simple thank you for posting or commenting or appreciate it, or a random emoji of a smile or something. Just comment back. Acknowledge the children that you’re actually human and not just a superficial account.

17:45 Yeah, because you have to be real. Just when he responds, it doesn’t have to be super thought. I would just be you on it because if you’re doing this properly and you’re being consistent about it, it goes back to if you’re, if you are bs agnes and then you’re genuine, genuinely your response, it’s going to be really weird to them and vice versa. So just say it as you would say, and sometimes that just means things that could also mean starting a conversation from there. Um, this next one I want to cover a little bit, and I think justice is going to say about this too, is trolls. They’re good. They’re going to be out there, number one, number one, first of all, don’t take it personally. If you take it personally, they, when Dave, this is a game, that’s all it is, is a, is a fucking game.

18:34 Um, and it was one of the things that I learned that the hard way in this previous election process I, I was, I stayed at it for so long until someone posted one thing and I posted it and all of a sudden it was, I just went down the rabbit hole and it’s not worth it. You’re, you’re, you’re your, your blood, your blood pressure’s going to skyrocket your thinking on the way too much. You know, if there’s a troll on there, my recommendation is to just don’t even respond because there’s no point in responding to a troll.

19:06 It’s your social media accounts. That means you guys have full control. If you don’t want that comment on there, you can actually delete it. You can get rid of it like it never even happened. So if you have a witty comments, bring back to it that you think will win. Um, that’s, that’s all you. We don’t really recommend it.

19:24 Yeah, I don’t. Because if they, if this is what they do all day, everything you’re witty, comment, they’re going to come back with him.

19:31 Some good ones I have shut them up, but it’s very rare.

19:35 If you’re a stand-up comedian, then yeah, you sure you cannot with them. But understand this is they’ve already seen all the comments. Right? And I agree with Justin. If this is for your personal brand, then to just get rid of it is, is not just you just in general on facebook or instagram. This is, you’re doing this to build a personal brand for your business. There’s no point in having it. Now you have to then look at what your personal brand is and if your personal brand is really only now alliant one lions, for example, a free speech. You can’t delete it then. So you have to make sure it aligns with your brand before you do the delete.

20:06 Right? So this next one, it’s tough for a lot of people, like a lot of people, especially being on the internet, everyone’s like a little cautious and suspicious about everything. Uh, what are most people are just afraid of them?

20:19 No, it really about having to share about their life because it gets personal.

20:23 Absolutely. Um, so I mean, the Internet’s a scary place, right? You don’t want people to know a lot about you and you try to hide all this information. Um, I’ll let you guys know one thing. Facebook already knows everything about you. If you’re on facebook, it’s over just about you.

20:40 Apple knows everything about you. If you have a smart phone, the manufacturer knows everything. You’re already doing privacy. And I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. I’m sitting on an android phone. I went onto Google, did ge, uh, to the maps and I actually went to my timeline and saw where I was in Spain like two years ago because I’m going to go back and go my sister and in March. And I absolutely loved it. I knew they were tracking me the whole time, but it’s one of the things you need to put the to put things in perspective. Right? So like with

21:12 w when you started to share your life, I get that it’s going to be uncomfortable at first, especially with the w if you’re not used to this. Like I helped my mom out. She owns like partner an auto detail shop and she had to basically go on on camera and just do a giveaway, a contest giveaway of her talking and say, Hey, I gave you a free mini detail. And that was just so tough for her because she’s not in the limelight. Was over here laughing sterically chill as fuck dude. She is. Yeah. But getting right. The camera she like, I’ll turn this off to the video shows. Hilarious because she’s all straightened out and was like, just super nervous. You can tell she’s keeps biting your lip. Next time I’ll do it. Now I’m bringing this shit up. Oh yeah. Here’s the deal though.

21:57 I may not survive. She, she’s looking at it. I’m a person and I’m not. So you’re probably passing year that running. Maybe it used to be, but uh, yeah. But it’s something that she was not used to it. It took her awhile to deal with and afterwards things. Yeah, it wasn’t so bad. I was like, what the hell are you talking to about? Was it like three or four takes? And even still you’re like, dude, I saw your next straining when it’s OK, like you’re not going to be comfortable with anything. You’re going to get out of your comfort zone and that’s where you grow the most. That’s where you learned the most. Uh, so start doing it little by little, little like instagram stories do like one or two posts a day of just something random. It doesn’t necessarily be you talking, it could be a, you’re looking at it and something else.

22:43 And then taking a picture and adding a comment or really anything. Start with one or two stories a day. Kind of sharing more of your personal story and your adventure and share a little insight in what you do day in and day out and then gradually increase. It does get easier. Like with podcasting, we, you probably weren’t the best at first that it got easier as we went on talking more about us and our personal journey and just random shit that we do. Yeah. The first time we were, we were talking to the computer screen, live in different rooms and really like of sounded like we weren’t even talking to each other. It really.

23:18 And we started just at some point just having a real conversation like we did before the podcast. You know, when it comes to your story, I’m, I’m, I’m a story teller and I talked to people a lot of times about their own personal story, the hero in the story. And you’re going to go through tough times. You’re gonna go through times that some people may see as boring, whatever, but there’s people out there that will see you as that hero. So share it, be that hero, feel free to put it out there into the world. And the more, uh, the more people will then be brought into the journey and that’s better. You are along the path of the hero’s journey. And a lot of that is learning. And a lot of that has learned to live life. You might actually start looking at this, then go, wow, like I wish I was posting from this area over here and I have always wanted to go there. You may then allow you to be that hero you’ve always wanted to become. That doesn’t mean you’re going and saving kids who build printing buildings doesn’t mean you’re doing things, but you’re just being that person that you want to be living the life you want to live. And that’s the most important thing.

24:27 I’ll definitely keep you accountable because you’ll start to really make sure you go out of your way to do the things that you say you’re going to do. Because after awhile you start posting and people start following you. They expect you to continue doing it. It can be stressful for sure, but the more you do the things that you’re passionate about, then it’s nothing. It’s just another day and you’re happier because of it.

24:50 It’s one of the hundred days of happy thing you see on facebook. People that makes me happy, like. And they enjoyed doing it. And that’s the thing, that’s what you got to choose something that’s, that fits with your personal brand, your personal, a pa you’re passionate about. Because then when, when it seems like, Oh man, I have to do these things. You Go, well, yeah, but I, I’m, I want to do these things. So this is not that big of a deal,

25:15 right? Almost like your personal brand is almost your personal passion. It’s one of the same. I mean, it should be one of the same. If it’s not, you need to reevaluate what you’re really doing. One is nice and it’s great now, and I’ve never seen somebody cry on a jet ski or whatever. But, uh, a university want your personal brand to your personal passion. That’s what’s really going to make you happy at the end of it. You’re not going to regret the things that you did. You regret the things that you didn’t do. And if you didn’t follow your passion it, it’s just going to suck at the end.

25:44 Know Jessica once. I really did, I did. I cried on a jet ski. I was much younger and uh, we were at the lake and the fuel first case ever documented, but the fuel broken it, so we went way out there and I ran into gas like way the heck out there and somebody to go back to. You get more gas spring out and I have a phobia of deep water. I have a phobia of the lake and it, and it probably went towards the cliff side. I could see the cliffs going down and I was trying to, like, I was hoping but would told me back. So I kept waving the boats but they just kept waving back at me. Like, Oh hey, this guy was just sitting there next to a fucking cliff is waving at us with both arms. Now he’s screaming for help. He just wants us to wave back. And the waves kind of almost knocked it over and eventually started crying a jet ski. So yeah, it’s probably the first case in history. The jet-ski wasn’t functional, like functional Jet Ski,

26:44 you know, I think that may hold. But the whole like phrases, nobody’s credit on a jet ski. They didn’t specify whether it’s running or. Yeah, that’s true. If you’ve ever cried on a jet ski, etc. No own outreach program. Yeah, aNd by the way, shiloh, if you’re listening, I hate your dad telling me the god damn fuel tank gauge was faulty. Shiloh. Yeah. I’m sure. Listen, this beer, that’s a shame. She’s dead to me. Last thing here with a personal passion as what we’re really renaming this to his blog or create conversation around your subject matter. Guys, you have your brand and you have your subject matter that you’d like to talk about, a either blog about it or have conversation with your followers about it, with your posts to really show that you’re the subject expert in your field or just show your your perspective on the field itself. You don’t have to be the expert. You can be the the up and comer where you’re really learning and discovering it. You’re having a thought provoking conversations to to really get those conversations going, especially with your followers. Really build that community and it also reinforces your brand because of it, because you’re talking about what you love to do and people will again follow that story.

28:01 Yeah. I had a friend that did that. She started a, she actually started being healthier and she was very much overweight. Uh, and did she just started eating healthier, exercising more, uh, took no shortcuts in the process and let it, lets you let it take the time it needed to be. And she just started writing this blog just just for her own, uh, personal reverend or reference basically. Uh, and so she, uh, we were actually hiking and she started talking about that. She goes, you know, people that I knew from a long time ago when people haven’t met or reaching out to me about this stuff and you’re actually asking me what was the pill I took or what was the surgery I did or whatever. And I just told them like, hey, read the blog from the beginning and go through it all. And She’s like, she’s like, I actually had somebody who was suffering with bulemia around because she thought was the fastest way and I totally, it’s ok for this to take six months or a year and a half.

29:04 And she changed someone’s life out of it just by blogging about it. This person reached out to her, scared. This person reached out to desperate, a doing horrible things to herself. So when you do this, you’re making this very consistent brand across all social media. You may have people that reach out to in the process. that’s why it’s important to do all different styles. You know, we’re doing the podcast, we’re doIng a blog, we’re doing the instagram and it’s great when people reach out to us and say they love what we’re doing, that we’re helping small business owners. We haven’t made any money from this. We’ve lost a lot of money. But that’s fine. We, this is why we’re doing is what passionate about this is our brand is just getting in front of a fucking microphone for getting some other shit going around in life around us and focusing on helping these small business owners just find maybe some some type of inspiration, maybe listed 25 episodes, only one episode. It gets something out of it. That’s fine. You do the same thinG. Fill up that blog, instagram, use your facebook account and create a podcast, but those things that all go into one consistent brand. You don’t realize the lives you change until someone reaches out to you and it’s a pretty fulfilling.

30:16 Absolutely I it. You forget like it going through your day to day. It can become mundane, but you forget the actual impact you have on those around you and even just one, one, one sentence or one post or one blog post or are one random video. It can change someone’s entire perspective on how they view the world and changes how they live on from that and it’s all because of you. You have a tremendous, tremendous responsibility and opportunity to change someone’s life. Whether you know that or not and if you are following your personal passion, your personal brand, and with this we were talking about this w, we talked about the foundations and solo printers and things like that, but we were talking about your solo, your personal brand because you can tie that back into the business itself, especially when your personal brand aligns to the business that you you’re pursuing or you’re running a because typically in most cases they are the same because the business that you’re doing is a passion of yours and if it’s a passion of yours, you’re talking about it outside of your business as well and you can really have those conversations or just give a little shout out or highlight on your personal page.

31:29 If the buSiness and those people kind of mosey on over the colleagues talking about this we falling for. I’ll check it out. Oh shit. This is exactlY what he’s been talking about and it’s really helping me with whatever I’m trying to accomplish.

31:40 Yeah, I mean your deal, if you’re. If you’re a small business owner, you have a website, the one one page you need to have is the about us page, about a business, about yourself, and if you then do that, you need to expect people are going to maybe try to find you on instagram. They remake, they might find you on different bLogs, they might try to find you on facebook and it needs to match up with the, about you on that website to this. It’s one of the things where you talked about the personal side of it, but we know that small business owners, I watched my dad doing this for 15 years running a construction company. There was no separating that, you know, he always, he operated on a certain set of values. That job is done right the first time and you do this in an ethical way and he put that into his personal life and everything. So understand that these are intertwined and if you’re gonna live in your personal life is going to be very to live in your business life.

32:32 So before we, uh, we kept on this episode, it’s running a little bit longer than we typically do as expected. We like to talk, but I’m going to give you a couple of resources here that I could talk, um, com resources here at. First one’s going to be canva, we’ve talked about it a couple times and it’s just the easy use and it’s free to create your own social media graphics. You uSe past [inaudible] you’ve already created as templates, especially creating your own brand and consistency. You use the same style of, of graphics and ad you just change the text and image. I’m just going to keep it going. Also,, that’s k l o, u t dot. Uh, what it does, it especially rates you according to your online social influence, via what they call the clouds cloud score. Essentially they score you on how influential you are based on the topics you’ve hosted about.

33:25 So you can go in there, add your twitter and your instagram, linkedin, facebook, things like that, and it’ll give you your overall cloud score. And they’Ll give you suggestions on things to post about. And uh, it’s a pretty cool site. We’re not paid by them all. That would be cool if we were sponsor us all, we want you to just pay for our beer. Like that’s it. That’s it. More outreach. I think that uh, but uh, yeah, check out your cloud score in our questioning of the day is let us know what your score is for your personal brand added on [inaudible] dot com. I just search episode 20 or personal brand. You’ll find this episode and comment or add your comment on instagram and let us know. Um, it’s kind of funny to see, especially when you’re called score and then kind of really what your, your, what you feel your personal brand is about, especially it kind of skews something else.

34:15 It’ll definitely change. Our beer reviews for the pecan pie are going to be on untapped in the untapped app. That app is super dope. It’s basically social media for beer, which is fantastic. Give our beers and cheers. That’s there like option. So instead of like you’d give us a cheers. we have a group called [inaudible] thinking where we kind of posted out all of our stuff that we drink in and out of the podcast so you can kind of see what we’re drinking. Honestly, I’d love to see what you’re drinking so let us know. Um, but I think that that’s pretty much it, that I’m Nealey and I’m vtc and this is crap thinking episode 26.

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