Beginner’s Guide To SEO | Ep. #25


Your website is your livelihood and if you’re not found, your livelihood is in trouble. We discuss the fundamental basics of SEO and different methods to help you increase your rankings.

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Extra Pale Ale by Flying Fish

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00:08 Hello and thank you for listening to craft thinking I am Nealey and I’m BGC. And this is episode 25. Oh my gosh, episode order Away 200. We do this four more times and write 100. We’re doing it at least four times at least. I love it. There’s so much stuff to talk about. We’re talking about craft thinkings, beginner’s guide to seo, part one out of we don’t know yet.

00:34 Two, two keywords. They’re beginners and part one, like those are two things to remember through this whole thing.

00:43 So as always before we get into the delicious topic at hand, we have a delicious, probably not delicious beer. It’s a, it’s an extra pale ale, extra extra, so extra right now. But uh, it’s flying fish breweries. It’s, it’s their extra pale ale. I’m uh, I’m not excited. It’s probably going to be bitter.

01:05 Probably. That’s probably the biggest though, probably to be better than he goes. He goes, but that’s setting the bar very low. Flying fish is brewed Out of somerdale, New Jersey. So I expect this to have the personality of someone from New Jersey, which I’m allowed to say that I’m not insulting people from New Jersey even though I kind of am. I have relatives out there. I’ll give him a hard time all the time. My best friends from New Jersey. That’s all right. Yeah, let’s take a sip.

01:40 it’s not as bad as I thought it’d be put that way. I was expecting more like an ipa. Sometimes paleo tend to blend in with it. But this one, um, it’s got a multi after flavor. I believe that’s her taste. A. I’m not the big. I can’t say I’m the biggest fan. It’s like I don’t love it, don’t hate it. So I’m kind of indifferent about it really better than the ngos, the ngos. [inaudible] I thought you were for someone that used to use it as an example of a beer that you’re not a. You’re just not a fan of schwann. Don’t say that. Blueberry bear viewers. What? I rated it, but I want to rate it lower. Now. What? You’re going to rate the blueberry beer lower than a two. It was gross, man. You think it’s more gross than the ghosts? Are it? It has more gross than the said without even in trouble either. I, I’m actually impressed. We’re getting really good at this supposedly. Um, that is out. But a self proclaimed. Yeah. So our official untapped reading. Do you think justin? I mean Nealey. I

02:52 think probably whatever the hell you want, but it was better than, than the blueberry. I’m going

03:00 to give this like a. I’ll give it a three more drink. do it. The more paleo gets a two point five and a [inaudible] I just, I’ll give it to [inaudible]. Are you sure about that? Because you don’t really sound too convincing? Don’t. I’m very much second guessing every step. I take it. It’s going down. So every sip a mistake. I make a. And this is why guys, we are not in the, uh, the performance industry, podcasting for podcasts. I don’t know what the equivalent of like the voices. So yeah, I’m gonna I’m going to give it a two point five. Um, I mean it’s just, it’ll pay lowe’s and I’m willing to try a new one. I’m sure I’m going to run into a feW good ones out there, you know, I think that, uh, you know, it does, it does remind me of a nice day.

04:12 New jersey, the jersey shore jersey. I mean, I probably wouldn’t have this in jersey from my, my jersey friends out there. I would have ne friends out there. I’d have a nice bottle of feelings you’ve had. Ok. Yeah. it’s like the older, the oldest breweries in the us, upstate New York, and then that’s all they drink. Yup. Yup. So I would probably do that, but there’s also a, there’s brooklyn beer company, there’s some, there’s some good breweries up in New York that I would definitely be stopping by. I probably stopped by a flying fish. I’m sure they’ve got some, some other ones I’d be willing to try, um, that aren’t so extra. Maybe more basic basic pale ale or just not paleo at all. Just basic basic hell yeah. Maybe It’s because they use real flying fish. This, maybe that’s the problem. They don’t actually put it up.

05:05 There was one that I ran across at a total wine today. It was like a salmon flavored. I was like, no, I want to try it now. AcTually, I don’t have to buy that one. I won’t buy it. It’s against my religion. So yeah. And I think, you know, my, my, we randomly do these fun facts. I think mine is going to be a. I got a lot of relatives back east and I go there quite a bit. My mom was born in queens, long island as I it out there, they talk funny and kind of like a New Jersey and uh, I have seen so much of manhattan out so much. The jersey shore in long island that uh, every time I go back I got a long list of things to do these to catch you up on that one. I actually lived in salem, New Hampshire and then haverhill, Massachusetts for a short time. So that’s my fun

05:58 fact. I’m immersed with the eastern culture. Lots of 44 was and the car, I said wicked a hell of a lot. You shouldn’t. New hampshire, salem, Massachusetts. Although they’re pretty damn close to each other. They are probably like a 25, 30 minute drive, which isn’t both. At one point maybe I did visit salem, Massachusetts and that was like super interesting because I went to the town and the museums and everything else and it was just creepy and freaky like he felt a presence,

06:31 bruce it and by the way, so many ice cream shops, they’re going to have more ice cream shops per capita in the interest of the world. Go to salem for the witch’s state, for the ice cream. So when we talk about today, we’ve got to jump into this because it’s your new slogan. If you start using that slogan, just you knoW,

06:50 back in and just give us a back link more on that soon. And a free ice cream too.

06:56 Yeah, so we’re going to talk about seo. We’ve gotta jump into it because there’s so much to talk about with search engine optimization. This is. There’s part one for a reason. Even part one is going to be packed. So people, when I talk to people about seo, I would like to first. I’d like to say that seo is a long term play when you first launch your site. If you expect to be on the search engine within a couple weeks, you’re insane. I know you think google is instantaneous.

07:24 Oh man. I’ve had so many conversations with as you just built my site, why can’t I find myself on google? Right?

07:33 Small business owners out there, you see that google’s incident all the time. You type in something, use your 17,000,000 results right away, but that’s the thing that’s sometimes you’ll see to your hundred million results. There’s a lot they have to crawl. It’s amazing how many small business owners out there they launch online. It’s like they expect like the ceo of google to call and be like, hey, we’ve been waiting for you with music. Playing in the background were like, we have been waiting and so we have a spot reserved for you on top of google since you launched your website five minutes ago, but that is not the way it works. Google is about getting people to relevant and trustworthy places and so when it comes down to it most upset when it comes down to it and just keep track of that. Now drink, drink.

08:20 Although by the way guys, a quick side tangent, brandon says when it comes down to it a lot, I’m sure I say stuff like a certain keyword or phrase a lot. I just don’t notice it, but every time he does that for the past probably like 10 episodes, I’m just taking a drink and

08:33 we challenge you to the same thing. So I think ray, right? So when, when it comes to getting your business, what it comes down to it and you are getting your webSite on the search engines. This is not something that’s a. You do it once and you’re done. It’s not something in a month. You’re going to two months, you’re good. If you’re going to do seo on your own, understand that how a year is a good to get good high on the search engines. You’re even lucky at that point. That would actually be a good timeline

09:06 and guess what? That that work you learned probably took me probably a couple months to do. Most of it’s coming irrelevant and probably six to 12 months it changes that often.

09:17 Cause as soon as someone figures out the algorithm they figure out how to game the algorithm and that will de legitimize google. If people are hiring those who know how to game the algorithm and then all of a sudden businesses are showing up on a surface that shouldn’t. It killed, it’ll kill you. Lose market share. So let’s jump in and start at the beginning. So let’s start with the basics. What if people just, they don’t, they don’t think that started at the beginning. IT’s kinda like when you get a computer to plug it in. So what’s the first step, justin?

09:48 If you build it, they won’t come when it comes down to it.

09:53 Yeah. When it comes down to it comes down to is the precursors

09:59 comes down to I can’t, I can’t be exactly like it in, into a little bit different for the newly spin on it, but you have to submit your site to the search and his guys. I’m there or you can do it through google webmaster tools and master and a couple other ones. We’re going To have some stuff in the show notes of direct links you guys can click on it, makes it super easy, but essentially what it’s going to do is you basically say, hey, I’m here. Come grom carl, my site. Take a look at, see if what if you like what I’m picking up what I’m putting down. Um, yeah, and it’s gonna take time. They’re not going to do it right away. It takes roughly six weeks for them to actually crawl it. Um, but what’s cool about those sites too is they actually just show you how many times if someone searched in similar terms and you popped up and your pages, then what, what, uh, what rank you were like, well, you’re on page like 27 or two or whatever it is you’re times people will sell you and so does a lot of other cool things. But the first thing I have to do is tell google and other search engines. You’re actually, there are so many sites out there, you can’t expect them to know that you exist,

11:03 but you can’t put that on them. You gotta, you gotta put your destiny on the search engines, your own hands. Now, if you do use a, we’ve talked about before using a web builder that’s, that’s provided by your hosting provider, make sure to upgrade the one that has these search engine optimization help because those will typically submit for you. And that’ll save a lot of frustrations. Justin showed me google webmaster tools. I’m like, great. If I had a ton of time, I could probably figure this out. But if I have for someone like me who doesn’t know what a custom code websites your custom built wordpress, I would use a web builder, whether that is, you know, wix, squarespace, weebly, go daddy, whatever. But I would get the one that has seo, help the search engines. If you get a builder and it does not help with the search engines and you want to build a site that drive, if you want to build a site where you get traffic from the search engines, you’re wasting your money by not getting a bit of that stuff already into it.

12:05 So now that we’ve gotten, um, now that we’ve gotten to the, that first step, there is something that, there’s a couple of things that whole that recently, there’s a couple of things that have really changed the game with seo. So the first one that we’re going to discuss is getting an ssl on your website. So google is really trying to push a secure internet. And so you need to have an ssl on your site. If you want to show up higher on the search engines. Now you’ve, you know if it has [inaudible] or not, if you’re in the url bar, if you look at that and you see http, that does not have necessarily on the site, it says https. It does have a saw on the site. Now google though in chrome and firefox, they don’t really show the issue tp if it’s not a secure. So if you’re in chrome and next and to the left of the the the domain name, you see a little little, I send you the firefox. That’s actually an alerting you. This site does not have an. Basically the way google is going. If you don’t have an ssl, eventually you’re not going to be found.

13:15 Yeah, and what’s the one thing that’s scary that doesn’t really deal with seo, but just with your customers in general, if you have any type of like input on your site itself and you don’t have an ssl, someone goes to that little search field. Google or in firefox say, hey, this is not secure. You think anyone’s going to see that and actually submit any of their information?

13:36 Absolutely. Not you. My mom, I think she. She just, every time we’re on the site, and does it ask for any information that was for her name. If she doesn’t see the gps, she doesn’t put her information in the mass. The masses will not put their information unless they see the https.

13:57 So moving on, I mean ssl, it’s important. It’s like 60, 70 bucks a year, breaks down a couple of bucks a month just to pay the money. It’s worth it even. Not even just for seo, just to build trust. Um, next one, it shouldn’t be any.

14:15 It shouldn’t be surprised.

14:16 Shouldn’t be a surprise that solar andrew blank. Um, but your site has to be mobile. It’s ridiculous how many sizes I come across that I have to pinch and zoom. One of my favorite little places I always get on sunday for food, uh, has the, the worst website and I have to pinch and zoom to find that it’s actually see their,

14:36 it’s either getting your business. Most people, I think it’s about like, I think the stat I saw was like six years between 60, eighty percent of people will see that and hit the back button because these phones have. These phones have high-speed internet. It’s one of the things you used to be if the. If, if it loaded, you’re like, well, I don’t want to go back. it took so long to load. I’m like, wow, I sounded really fast and it’s tiny. Zoom in. If I want to tap the link. Oh god, help me.

15:01 The only reason why I still go back is because I had their food first and it was so delicious to where I was pretty loyal then because the food was so good and sounded like I kind of grin and bear it, but had I come across as a very first interaction, I bounced

15:16 well and I got an example of the times that I did bounce and that was a, you know, justin knows I ride a motorcycle. I got the about four years ago. We live in Arizona in the phoenix area, but I like going up to sedona, especially gets a little hotter here. It’s a little cooler up there, especially spring and fall are amazing up there now. A lot of times I’d go there. I wouldn’t know what I was even hungry for it until I got near sedona so lot of times at a gas station or pull off the road somewhere. I would stop and I’ll put my cell phone. I would google search restaurants. I would just see restaurant because it knows where I’m at, where I’m at, and it’ll show me where it fits in my area and if I tapped it website on from my my browser and it tried to load a full website, I was not going to waste my time with that. I hit the back button. There are probably about 20 or 30 restaurants in sooner that we’re behind the times and that did not get my business from that were the were maybe the fourth one. I went to find a mobile site eventually, but the point I’m. I’m just like, I’m hungry. I don’t even care. And that restaurant that came up last on the page was the first one to get my business

16:23 mobile first guys and I want to talk about something called amp, accelerated mobile pages and this is a google initiative. It only really works on google search engines, but that’s all that really matters in my opinion. But um, it was basically a sends your website to the top of search engines on mobile devices and what actually is, it’s a dumbed down version of your website that loads super quick and what a lot of businesses and one of the major sites do is they use the ant for their blog posts and a lot of their content when it’s, it’s mainly just texts and images and it, there are wordPress plugins just search app for it. And there’s ways to actually add it on there As well. Google webmaster tools will show you how to actually install it, but the app is, it’s intended to make the browsing experience easy and quick at the end of the day that that’s google’s goal is to provide you the information that’s relevant, that is good content. And then it’s easy to access,

17:20 and before I had no idea what amp was, but I actually see on my desktop browser a lot. I show up even though the you are would bring me to like fox or cnn or whatever. It actually says mta amp dot something in there. And for one time I had no idea what the hell that was. Now in that, the more you know, I just, I don’t sue us,

17:42 but a couple of statistics, mobile internet usage surpassed desktop searches in 2016 means most people

17:49 are now using their phone to search for stuff over half as from search engine journal that they’re a very reputable website when it comes to seo. You guys check them out. I’d highly recommend it. It’s. I’ve gotten a lot of really great natural information from them. Some of the stuff we’re going to be referencing from that site as we kind of go on with this, you want to take away the next step. This one, I love this one perspective that 78 percent of moBile searches result in a offline purchase. Whether that’s at your store, a, you’re a plumber and someone could, someone hires you to come out and fix their toilet. Whatever. Seventy eight percent of mobile searches end up in some type of purchase. I mean, think about what were their mindsets out there on their cell phone. They’re probably on the go. They’re looking just like me and my motorcycle.

18:39 I was looking to stop in a restaurant and they’re usually get there from an uh, from this is from a different stat. They usually get there within two hours of doing their search. You’ve gotta be, you’ve gotta, you’ve gotta be mobile. A google actually did this thing called mobile getting it was dubbed mobile. Get in about two or three years ago, got two years ago where they said if you don’t have a mobile site is most likely it will be significantly ranked lower than it compared to when it’s a mobile site. Well then a year after that did mobile getting version two point, oh, they said, great, you’re not going to be at the very bottom. They’re taking this seriously. So, so sales and havIng your site mobile are two essential things. If you’re not doing, you weren’t giving up your ranking basically of britain and touched on it.

19:29 Google is doing the same thing with a cells. They’re starting off with the basic, hey, you guys should have an ssl. it’s a. It’s a small ranking factor right now, but we’re going for that. That more secure internet and then the cell to point out was going to happen and everyone that doesn’t have one here not being found, not being found and they’re so dumb in firefox, will ssl shame your site and you don’t have it, so they’re going to make it even more Prevalent thAt you don’t have an ssl in the url bar or on the page itself. Some sItes and the upper left will literally show not security in the address bar to. I know firefox does all the time. People starting to do it in firefox. If there’s a. If there’s a log in, I believe without an ssl, it’ll actually have https in red that’s crossed out and google has been saying, saying that they are looking to up that as well too, because at the end of the day the internet is a scary place and these simple as an ssl is doing its part to try and make it more secure is going to be, but yeah, maybe steps. Look, I mean look at what happened with equifax. I had been going to do an ssl by any means, but it’s just getting a scarier and scarier place where people want to make sure information is secure. Now, those were a couple of basic things we’re going to cover. This is actually one of my favorites. Now if you do this right, you can climb massively up search engines.

20:48 If you try to game the algorithm, if you try to trick google, they will find out. They probably won’t delist to you, but they will put you at the very bottom and it’s hard to climb your way back into once you. Once you get on their bad side. Good luck. Now this is called is called back-linking or related links or back links. There’s a few different terminal terminal, not there’s few different terms for it. So just why don’t you explain what backlinks are.

21:17 So, eh, if you guys, if you guys checked out the, the popular site [inaudible] edgar, um, it’s one of the most popular sites right now. I think it’s like top 25 or something that I last read, like it’s ridiculous. but they had these things called up votes and down votes. Essentially what a backlink is an up or down vote down vote. It’s a, it’s another website that links back to your site in some way, shape, or form. Now there are good sites which are up votes that are, have high, relatable content that’s very reputable, that are linking back to your site. And then there are downvotes that are, that are sites that have absolutely nothing to do with your website, your industry, or they’re just have a poor reputation of just either being malicious or spammy or what have you. But in a nutshell, that’s what a backlink is. Now, what should you not do with backlinks? There’s

22:09 two things, don’t buy back links and don’t Put them on site. Links to your website on other sites that are not related to you. Right? So if you buy back links is going to do way more harm than good. There’s always mentioned, as justin mentioned earlier, to undo this, you need to earn those back links. So for example, if I created like this kitchen cleaning product is organic, it smells like orange zest, all that type of thing. A good back link would be if good housekeeping were To do an online review of it and they put, they put my domain name on the review, hey, check them out and blah blah blah [inaudible]. When google crawls good at housekeeping, they go, ooh, this home cleaning product is relevant to this site and this site is really popular. It’s a very trustworthy site. There’s millions of people go every day, so that’s going to massively bump up my ranking right there versus I’ve got this home cleaning product and I go and I spend my domain name on like a nascar forum.

23:09 When google crawls that you didn’t fool google, they’re going to know, oh, that nascar has nothing to do with this be product, and that is when they make you pay. So there’s a few things you can do. Now before we go to these few things, um, I do recommend that you, you, you understand which site you’re always being put on because the more popular it is, the more trustworthy is to google to rank your site as well. Heart’s going to jump your site up. Now, one thing is getting on local blogs. I’d saved. I was a restaurant. I would want all the bloggers in my local community to review my, my restaurant and put their url, my url on their site. When google crawls, all those, especially the ones that have more of a, a more of a better reputation with google, it’s going to boost mine up a lot quicker. So blogs is a great way. What are some of the things you can do?

24:07 It sounds pretty stupid and simple, but create engaging and shareable content. Uh, it can be tough because it does take your time to actually created a lengthy and well thought out blog posts. But, uh, the more, the better it is, the more value it brings, the more pillar actually want to share it with others, whether they’re going to put some, a couple of links of their own, they’re going to do their own posts on your post and link back to the source. The source is, and basically just make it so people actually want to tell their friends about it, whether it’s, uh, they, they think it’s like a status change that you’ve read this, that you’ve, there’s this better person because of it because of it. But, uh, yeah, create, engaging and shareable content

24:49 thing is getting interviewed. Um, this is a really great, especially for like local news channel. In tHe last episode I talked about about some people I train that created that, that zuora bulb business. And one thing they did is they got the news networks. They’re on like three different news networks. And uh, they told me channel like is coming by this time, channel towns coming on this time. [inaudible] this and they’re gonna, they’re gonna do a spotlight, so a spotlight on us. Are they going to have it on their website? She said, yes. I’m like, you told them you want them to put your, your domain links, your domain name on there. And she was like, what made sure they do that that’s viewed by so many people and when the, when google crawls that and they see your url on this very popular, incredible new site, it’s going to boost you up so high on the search engines. So you’re able to share your experience and your expertise out there. Um, it’s something that also will then use as an expert in your industry. And then when google crawls your site and sees the interview, you’re going to get a website abuse boost as well. Boom. Another upload, another upvote massive boat.

26:00 Uh, next one guys is used forums. These are the, the random forums that are super specific to the topic at hand that only go on that topic. Um, and basically what you’re not going to do is go in there and start spamming it. You’re going to have to engage in conversations with other people in that Forum, but every form has a signature section, and in that signature section you want to go ahead and just include your url. Little signature like jumped my mind would be just Nealey. I put my little url there a little bit, maybe like a slogan or a quote I like, I don’t know an image, but I’m going to have my url there. So every time I make a post and add value to whatever I’m doing on there, adding whatever comment, uh, that’s the one that’ll upvote that I’m getting that super specific to that niche which is relevant to whatever my topic is. And that’s getting another upvote. Every time I make a comment, not doing it to spam and uh, but I’m doing it to just have a conversation with others. Plus I’m getting something out of it too.

26:57 And again, just it gets. Remember the upvote he’s going to have a larger of vote. The more reputable, the more searched, the more visited those sites are that you’re doing this on a site that literally no one knows about. And it’s not ranking in google, it’s not gonna. Be as big, if not for. This kind of helps the on forums or social media. Make sure all your social profiles have a link to your site, whether it’s facebook that’S a yelp, google maps, google plus four square, whatever. All your social media posts. Put that on there. Now this, this may not be a big a ranking feature at first. It can be later on. The benefits are pretty big in allows you to go from facebook or yelp or whatever to your site, but at the same time say, wheN google crawls your site or cro crawls these directories or these social media accounts and they see on facebook that especially with the review system that 200 people left reviews. It’s four to five stars and then crawl yelp and there’s 500 reviews and your four to five stars. That gives you a massive boost on the search engines. Again, it’s a long-term play. You need to do this when no one knows about you and you need to get those reviews and those up votes and stuff like that and it can pay off in the long term.

28:13 Now you can I go on a different subJect. Now, we talked about back links, but do you want to talk about first world problems? First world problems is going to a website and taking forever to load on top of this problem is real. The struggle is real, but the guys page speed is incredibly important. Slower sItes just rank a lot worse. If your site doesn’t load within two seconds, not only are you pissing off, the majority of people were there, they’re bouncing, they’re leaving before they hit your page. Actually loads, but google is not going to call you because again, the goal is to make it as easy and as accessible for someone to visit your content. That’s relative. The first parts aren’t there. They’re not going to give you the time of day.

28:58 No, it’s true. Google is going to measure that, and then it’s also as things where even if google doesn’t realize that somehow when people click on your site from google, they go through chrome, whatever, they’re not going to blame their isp. If all those types of loan fund, they’re going to blame you. So joe, uh, justin mentioned this thing called bounce rate. There’s austin called the bounce rate. Bounce rate equals lower high bounce rate equals lower ratings or rankings. So you need to make sure you create content that people actually want to read and the links to and link to other pages that they’re going to want to read. So when you create your homepage, you need to make something engaging enough or they’re going to click a link with tooth, maybe the about us page, and then from there to maybe the page, maybe.

29:42 Then the refund policy page, they spend, they went on three or four pages. Google knows if they went to your site on the homepage and click the back button. There’s this thing called cookies in your browser that tell them that also google creates chrome if you don’t think they’re tracking what someone does when they go from the search engine to a site on their own browser, you’re insane. Google is the master of tracking everything, so it’s about making engaging content that encourages people to click to see almost a series of pages, so in the end their rate abide as well ready to call you. Then when you make blog posts, you can break them up into multiple pages and you see that all the time. It’s like, why is there a second page on this, but I have to read it. They stopped right in the middle of the cliff hanger. You go to that second one. They do that for a reason. It gets you to another page. That’s a higher google ranking,

30:34 but guys don’t be click baity. Don’t have the initial like here’s a couple of sentences and click next and then click next. Then do you have like 15 pages to see just a little bit of content with a couple of images to show why actually clicked on the post itself, but the whole point is like if you have a long post, it’s great to break it up into multiple pages if even two to three because as soon as they click to page two to read on that, gets rid of that bounce rate in google thinks things cool. They’re engaging, they’re still on the, on the site. There’s like took a, they’re looking at other pages even though it’s the same blog post, it’s technically other pages and that linking to other pages. It’s called link juice. So it’s, it’s a, it’s an seo practice. They’ll probably go more in depth as we go, more in depth with this beginner’s guide to seo by craft thinking part of whatever we get to it with that part.

31:24 But uh, but is linked juicing. It’s, it’s almost, it’s as backlinks on your own site. So you’re basically telling google that these pages are relevant to this information. So give it a bump in the rankings itself and having internal links is super important to the overall rankings of your site, even if you don’t think it’s relevant. It is. That’s why the stuff in your navigation’s is usually ranked higher than stuff that’s not because it’s constantly being linked to buy every single page on your site. So google things. Cool. This site owner thinks it’s all importaNt, so I’m going to make sure that, that they’re important with it and the pages that aren’t on there are not going to get ranked as well.

32:05 Yeah. So when it comes down to it, your, um, what’s on your site or the base, a little comes under key words, key words that people type into a search engine. And so they’re looking at which sites have these two key words to match up with the person that’s searching for your research or key words. There is an for such keyword tool which allows, which allows you to see what are good keywords in bad keywords. Uh, the competitiveness, similar keywords, that type of thing.

32:32 Yeah. Short and simple a. Now a couple of things on the actual page itself, because we’ve talked about a lot of stuff outside of the, the, the, the meeting of the page, talking about some of the content. Uh, but header tags, if you guys don’t know what those are, they’re the age one is to age three, age four, age five, age six, and it’s basically, it’s a hierarchy of what’s important on the page.

32:58 Even about really true usually tells him in general what that page is about. And then [inaudible] it’d be more of a suburban

33:04 section eight, three more subsection, right? Exactly. And you guys, you have to have one age, one on the page having more than that. Google confused, like, cool, what does this actually about? Everything which then everything is not important. So have a couple key words with your age [inaudible] tag that you want that page to rank for contact us or approximate services or a certain service that you do. Web design in phoenix would be like an age [inaudible] tag and, and you kind of break other parts in a section. So you section off the pages, but the phase one tags each [inaudible] you can really divvy up however you want. You can have multiple of those. Those are fine. The more, most important ones to have that age. [inaudible] tag there. Just one.

33:46 Yep. Just one. Um, and then again, the other ones will be more subtle, less important stuff, but still important to let the surgeons know. Basically it’s just easier to read. It’s a good point. So the next one is meta-description and then the metal and the title, description and title I call the meta data is stuff which Is basically the code that’s in the background of the site that your visitors can’t see when they go to it. But the search agency, you see the title tag and description tag. You see it all the time when you do a google search and you see the hyperlinks to each site as like best air conditioning repair in phoenix, Arizona. well that’s the title tag. Then the description underneath it is the description tag and you’re telling the search engines. the summary of that page was the summer of your homepage.

34:34 More the of your busIness and about us page, that type of thing, so each have it’s own title tag and it’s on description tag. The title tag max is 55 characters. The description tag is [inaudible] characters and you need to make sure that you include a focus keyword in it that has to do with your business. There’s also words that you should and shouldn’t use. They’re called stop words. You shouldn’t use to do some research on that. Maybe we’ll cover that in part to be to make sure that they’re formatted properly as far as the type of words that you are using. Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t rely on google to write it for you because if your site name write it for you, they’re going to pull something from the first part of the page is not gonna. Do what you want to convey, so make sure you’re the one writing what you want to convey about your website and your business on the search engines.

35:20 Now, brandon, what is king? I think content is king. Content is king guys. Uh, you’ve probably heard it a lot. It’s, it’s everywhere. Content is absolutely king. If you get anything out of this whole episode, this episode is running long, but if you do, content is king and you need to write to your audience. You can’t write to the google algorithm or the algorithm or tryiNg to game the system. You have to write to your audience that’s actually reading it because that’s what matters and that’s what google is trying to accomplish and it’s not about what keywords you have on the page or are all this it’s about is if people are actually going to your site to and reading your content and if they’re continuing to read your content, so if you write to them, you’re going to succeed,

36:08 born to make sure that you’re putting the keywords that you’re supposed to put in there Just to make sure those keywords are is the. It makes sense to people. This isn’t [inaudible] anymore. You can’t fool the google algorithm algorithm as far as that is. Can’t fool google into thinking you’re writing for people when you’re writing for them. They know how basic sentences should work and how often keywords should actually be in a sentence when you’re just trying to put too many keywords in and it’s called what keyword matching or something like that. It’s something that when they read, they’re going to go, ah, they’re just trying to game the system and they’ll rate you lower for it. It’s like plumbing is, like I said, four times in one sentence, one sentence, Arizona is littered in there. There’s the why is Arizona after like toilet,

36:55 but there’s a statistic. This one kind of sucks to you to read. I know when I read it, when the first time I hadn’t knew this one years ago, and it still sucks, but is from sir by q. According to them, most posts in the top 10 results have at least 2000 words and the top results having more than 2,400 words. That Is a lot like. it’s a lot. I just got finished. It got done finishing an article that was pretty lengthy and it took a lot of time. That was barely over a thousand words and I was like, damn it. I’m halfway there to go back to the drawing board and add a bunch more content. Um, it’s a, it’s a shitty statistic to, to realize because most of us aren’t writers and to have to figure out how to incorporate that many words into a post it, it’s tough, but what I can say is do your best and then continue to add on to it. You don’t have to get it done in all in one sitting, but make that the, the end goal of adding a bit more content as you go on and you go on. Again,

38:01 the thing about it is you should be excited to write about your business and the topics around your business and you should be able. You should be able to do 2000 words a or even 2,400 words. Something that although seems difficult if you’re passionate about, you’re writing about, you can definitely get inspired. Be willing to share about your business and what you do and how you do it.

38:20 Yeah, and the thIng that people follow us, they follow a story. Like most of you guys have a pretty great story of either how you got started or some roadblocks you’ve hit along the way or what have you. Just write about that. Get some get, makes, make something that’s easy to follow. And

38:36 that’s your story to assignments. The next rule, people don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it. Um, question today, question of the day on search engines around search engine search engines. I’m not even talking about seo. Give us your favorite New Jersey beer, just whatever it is. I’m sure. I’m sure there’s some breweries out there that are good. Maybe they don’t taste like the smell of New Jersey, although this got easier as I drank. It is the opposite. It was the opposite. That does more. I drank the more I hated it. I was finished with it pretty quick, like you said, when it comes down to it. And I was like paying them out to be or I imagine so, yeah. I’M, I’m, I’m staying with my [inaudible] not going any lower. Um, that’s all we have for you today. I’m nearly, and ipg, and this is craft thinking.

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