Businesses that need little to no money to start | Ep. #21

businesses that need little or no money to start

We’re drinking Wild Blue Blueberry Lager and talking about a few businesses that need little to no money to start up. Side hustlers unite in this episode. Looking for a few examples to earn some money? Give this episode a listen.

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Wild Blue Blueberry Lager

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00:08 Thanks for listening. This is craft thinking episode. I am Nealey and I am BGC and today we’re talking about businesses that need a little money to start little money, solopreneurs, side hustlers, hustlers in general. Um, but yeah, before we really get started, I uh, I picked the weird one today. Um, today we’re drinking wild blue. It’s a premium blue berry. Lager is certainly third blueberry beer we’ve had, you know, I don’t know doctor, I’ve had one. Yeah, I’ve had one, but this one, this one’s eight percent alcohol. It’s a lager. Weird blueberry goes in and bloggers a lot. Typically when I drink and loggers, they’re usually a bit lighter. I think blueberries goes with it I think, but I think it goes to that flavor. I mean the percent alcohol though, stronger alcohol kind of for a blogger that, I mean am I expert, I’m not a professional beer expert or I don’t brew my own beer, but typically those are a little bit lighter. And the alcohol volume, the lawyers tend to be. Yes, they tend to be. I mean, I guess you could almost say an imperial logger cause yeah, it’s lawyers or to be a little bit lighter on the loggers actually for men.

01:28 So lager yeast actually for minutes at a lower temperature. I’ve brewed some loggers and I absolutely hate brewing lagers for that reason and especially because they’re usually like a, it’s like bottom feeding east and uh, yeah. So a lot of times you have no idea if it’s even preventing at all. It could not be risk cracking. Open fermenter. It’s a, it’s a pain. So I don’t really like brewing them, but you can get some tasty loggers out there. So I’ve already taken a sip while he was going on that tangent. I love it. I love it. That is blueberry deliciousness. Oh Man. Oh God is definitely strong blueberry. I love it. I love blueberries though. See, I’m like half and half. Like in the mood. If you love, if you love blueberries, do I have something for you? Wild blue by. Ah, the blueberries. Just way too strong for me. But who brews this? Isn’t it wild blue?

02:32 Please hold the like, seriously, they don’t put their name blue sediment maybe found in this product or Blueberries said in my pee they don’t have their name on. I think it’s wild blue. So. So while blue. Okay, fair enough. Uh, we should’ve done a research on this one. I thought that wild blue was named the beer peanuts, premium blueberry lager. Um, yeah. Let’s, let’s do some research on this. Let’s see here. And how’s your analyzer Bush? Oh Man, this is our first one. But no wonder why they didn’t put their name on the bottle. I mean good for them, for doing something a little bit, uh, you know, for doing something a little more crafty. That’s cool. Yeah, there’s, well maybe though maybe it was one of the smaller breweries that got purchased by Anheuser Busch. That makes sense. Yeah. So he, I mean I think it’s got pretty low ratings online from what I saw was people were ready for the blueberry, 100 percent blueberry advocate. I’m kind of half and half depends on the day.

03:37 You really tastes like every part of the blueberries. Blueberries are a super fruit, so that means it’s like a super beer, like a super food beer. This beer bottle is not have a on a guys just want to get the FBI. They’re blueberry. If you are a blueberry fan, you’re going to love this if you’re not, don’t drink with. Yeah. So I mean it’s, I, I can’t tell that it’s eight percent alcohol by, by drinking it. It’s a thing. It’s this, it tastes like he’d be like two or three percent or like blueberry beer juice or something. I don’t know, but I like it. Don’t, I’m going to get a four point two five. Oh Man. Oh yeah. He was stealing a page from my book on that one. You know, I don’t know. It’s hard for me to read this one really high because it’s very much like a novelty beer almost to me.

04:37 Like, like in the moment, this is like a seven point five or eight, but I can’t put this at the same level of the other agents that I’ve given the same time. I’m very divided on my score on this, you know? So. So yeah. You had to pick something. Okay. If I’m in the mood for blueberry here, right, right here, right now, what is your. I’m going to go with. I’m going to go with a seven then seven, which I feel bad now that I gave the last one, which actually was a very solid five and entitlement in the moment when you’re rating be without context of previous peers you’ve rated and again we should have been, we should have used untapped the app and we could then actually have a consistent rating system. By the time this episode comes out, we will have that system set up.

05:36 We will have that system set up. It would be good. And uh, I still think we’ll be in consistent though just because it’s human beings, beers like that same state of mind that we’ve been in the previous space. It’s always going to be skewed and different. Nom nom stuff that wasn’t good. Was it good? Okay. I think we did. There was something else that we had that, that was just bad from. I remember. Yeah. I, uh, when I go and record these up, I mean, sorry, when I go in and edit these episodes then I kind of track down what will you drink. So I honestly, I don’t even know what we drank like last week. I can’t remember either. I drink a lot of beer since last week. So let’s go ahead and talk about our topic for the day. And that is a businesses that need a little money to start.

06:29 We went a little bit longer on the, on that one

06:31 and well you were talking about wild blue here, gone to marshal a blue and white blue. So business

06:38 a little money to start. First thing you guys have to understand is if you’re going to be starting in business, do you have to register that business? I’m the most popular type of business registered as an LLC and the state filing costs, it depends on every state, but it’s about $50 to $100, um, per llc filing, right?

07:01 Yeah. I mean I think it depends on the state, but if you, if you figure out how to do on your own, it’s pretty inexpensive. It’s if you, if, if you hire someone else to do it for you, all of a sudden it’s like, why is this a thousand dollars to register my business? Right. We’re talking about doing it on the cheap.

07:16 You shouldn’t. I don’t think you should have to hire someone direct to insurers, ocm to so many people have done it. They said, oh yeah, I just went to my site that explained how to do it, fill out the form and pay my money. And that was about it. Yeah. No.

07:29 So it takes about six to eight weeks typically. Um, I’ve only fallen in Arizona since we live in Arizona. Some states I’ve heard is horrendous as far as the return on it.

07:39 We need a, we need to do it like they, like they have like in Hong Kong where you literally fill out like what

07:44 piece of paper and you turn that in and you have a registered business. Like they just, here you go, here’s your business license. It’s ridiculous. The amount of bureaucracy to just create a business. It’s not

07:56 so yes and no. So I think there should be something so that way anybody who can’t just create just something random and then start going because it kind of making it a bit more difficult makes it so people that are legitimate actually create those businesses. If it would took like two seconds to create a business, anyone do it. And anyway,

08:15 malicious I malicious think is. I mean because there was always someone out there that you’re registered with the state so that it’s easier to track you down. This is where I am, this is where I’m free market, this is where I’m free. You should totally go and fill out your form and that day you have registered business anyways. So. And also because I had to do that stuff, everyone else has to do that stuff. Maybe that’s the reason why, right? That’s your real reason. If I have to. So does. Everyone else had to suffer too because misery likes company. So when it comes down to it, I’d recommend just doing your own research and your with your local government and just figuring out how to do it. Because we’re talking about you this out as a side hustle,

08:56 we’re talking about you just seeing if something works. We were talking about the in the very beginning stage of the idea. This might become a serious business. You’re not quitting your job over it, but you’re going to see what this might look like. So the figure out on your own, when it comes down to it, there might be legal stuff involved though. So even if it’s a side hustle. So I know Justin uses a specific service. Legal Zoom,

09:21 right? Yeah. When I registered my businesses, I didn’t really want to deal with it all. I don’t want to kind of expedite the service as well. You can pay extra for the expedition. Um, but yeah, I used legal zoom dot [inaudible] not affiliated in any way, just what I personally used. They made it pretty easy. There’s a lot of upsell with it, so careful guys with uh, with doing it, uh, they do try to sell you on a lot of stuff as most businesses should through the process itself for a lot of good services

09:49 that are worth it. But just remember when you’re signing up, if you’re not looking to create the next giant company at the moment, like you’re just testing the waters might want to start with the basics, but you should also do some research. Maybe if you’re doing something a little bit more on the, uh, risky side, you may need to do the upgrade. So, um, we’re talking or to the stuff we’re talking about probably may not really require a lot of legal extralegal services, right?

10:17 Right. With all these require a lot of monetary, more monetary value as well. If you’re not putting a lot of money into it, but you are putting in, a lot of people call it as sweat equity. It’s a lot of your time, as a lot of your time invested in really making this a thing since I, you either can’t afford to spend all this money or you don’t want to actually pay all this money to start a business and establish it

10:42 and we get it. You know, you’re not gonna hit this idea. You don’t, we can understand that you don’t, you’re not just going to go into your boss’s office and be like, well, I quit and give them a total little finger and walk out like I have the next billion dollar business. I’m just going to quit and do this, so you want it. You’re going to do this on. Realize when you leave work, you’re going to be working, you’re going to be working on your own business, and that’s what sweat equity comes in, and then eventually if it starts to grow it, but still it’s still pretty small. You’re like, well, if I, if I, you know, with my growth that I’ve had to do this full time, but the revenue is still less than that. 30,000 are the prophets are still, you know, less than what you can actually pay yourself a wage. You’re really going to have to put that sweat equity. You’re going to have to put in the time. You’re going to be getting less sleep at night. You’re going to have to do a lot of research. You’re going to wear multiple hats. You have to, if you’re proud to wear all the hats in a situation

11:37 as any solo for north shore. Yeah, that’s true. Right. And it’s just you, you have to do a lot more than just just run the top level of business. First one I wanted to kind of talk about business that require very little money to start his being a web designer. You don’t have to have a lot of funds to do it. It’s going to take a lot of your sweat equity to, to get that rolling, but in order to build a site and if you know how to do it doesn’t take you much money to do.

12:05 Yeah. And as we talked about in episode 20, a word press is free, absolutely free. It’s open source. The builder that you are using is going to be free, right? Or if, if you want to use the, do it yourself, put her hosting providers embedded into your costs. If it costs a hundred and $70 for the year or have them pay for the hosting and then just, uh, say, uh, give me your account credentials. And then once I’m done, change them and then go in and build the site and to charge your fee on top of that.

12:38 And if you guys really want, don’t want to pay for a host, you can actually build a word press site on your computer without any

12:44 international do that. Nope, don’t do it. If you have the know how, again, if you know how to do it, this is about that sweat equity. It takes time, right? It’s working. No, I can’t agree with that because when you update it, what’s going to happen? Your connections, Justin, you update it again. What’s going to happen to your criminal liquidity? Fine. Permalinks, there are no issues. Those will typically percent. They will not. When you migrated repressed site, that breaks all the time. And the first thing that happens is your connection strings. There’s working, there’s working smarter, working harder. It’s working smarter. Sweat equity. If you don’t have the funds and you can’t get the client to pay right up front, you have that ability. If they can’t pay it, it’s, it’s tougher. May make them pay for their own damn hosting. Yes, 100 percent pay for their hosting.

13:35 Say when you have the hosting, I will build the site and then you pay me half up front and then I’ll you pay. I’ll pay later. Yes, you should get half of it. I’ll be exactly and have a clause in there where regardless of what happens, this half is still mine because I did put in that work exactly right and the big thing and that’s the thing, they they, they need to work smarter, not harder here. They need to have their, the hosting out purchased and ready to go because otherwise the migrations as much as he migrates as it migrates them all the time, I’ve seen it so many times to permanently break and it’s a pain. It can be a massive pain. It takes two seconds to fix it. Says that the way until you actually do it

14:16 links, you go into wordpress, you go to settings, permalinks, you choose it to default.

14:21 Yeah. You go to custom save and you’re done. That’s it. Yeah. And then all the word press article saying, and if that doesn’t work, here’s what to do in the database. Right, exactly. And that’s fine. I agree with the sweat equity there certain there’s certain things I was working harder instead of working smart. I like, I love these debates. Yeah. Good. So what else? We got a little money. Yeah. Right. So these would take a little money.

14:52 You know, here’s one, and I’m talking about sweat equity I’m familiar with is being an author or a writer. Uh, I’ve actually, I’ve written a novel novel, so Fi, fi thriller. The reason why you’ve never heard of me is apparently it wasn’t that good, but I understand that I put in a, it took us, I was working full time at some points I was going to school full time when I, when I wrote it as well when I’m traveling to. It took me about a year and a half to really write and six months if it was just straight up writing, six months of just writing, if I took out the work and school and stuff like that. And the emotion that it took for me, the energy, everything. Um, it, it, it was a, it was exhausting. But I love doing it. And that’s the thing. I’m, I still am, you know, every, every, uh, every year, uh, I’ll go and I’ll, I’ll get the literary agents, a guide in all Smith new agents and I’ll get, I’ll probably another 10 rejection later letters this next year.

15:56 Um, and, but when it comes down to it, had I gotten published, that would been, it could have paid off. Well, I could also sell publish if I want to. I just, I’m not ready to go down that route. I, I, I feel I’m out of my element and it can be a struggle, but it’s one of those things where I put a lot of work into it. It’s something that could technically pay off. Look at j k Rowling, she got turned down by a ton of publishers and now she’s one of the richest people in the world. So that right there, it didn’t cost her anything. It just costs her time. And it also just the ability to take rejection. So many times before find that success.

16:36 You cannot quit your job just to go. Right. You have to have things lined up. Please, please, please don’t quit your job and say, I’m going to be a writer. My most viewed this very, please don’t do that because it takes a while to write. Like I’m writing an ebook right now, a jumpstart wordpress or I don’t know what I’m naming it yet, but about wordpress, I’m like, I’m like 39, 40 pages in. It’s taking me forever. Like if I were to quit my job and start writing, I’d be hurting. I’d be like trying to get wealthy and charging. I’m charging you for this minute of advertising for your book so I can drop the name of my book irregular. Irregular is actually. I said I don’t even know when my book name is. So that could’ve been like false advertising. My mind’s irregulars it’s locked in. I’m Kinda, I’m set on that name. But um, so when it comes down to come down it. Yeah, writing it. Yeah. You should not

17:30 your job. I thought I had the best damn idea on the planet for a novel and I still love my book. I’ve read it probably 10 times. I still love it, but there’s no way in hell I just quit my job and be like, I’m going to focus full time on gaming this thing published. It’s all horrible idea. So moving on,

17:50 editor pro tip, follow your passion, do what you love, but don’t quit your day job until it becomes a thing.

17:55 Yeah, and I think, I think the next thing ties into maybe a freelance editor. I think that, I mean, that’s something you could do on the side, uh, learn. Just take the time to learn what you can do. Editing in a few ways. There is the academic, there is a creative writing ways. Now if you do though, you need to have some credibility. You need to get a resume, start super small and slowly work your way up. You might need education for it. But the, the editor that I think that has a lot of potential for freelance is a web website, a con like we call your website copywriter. You’re not covering the content like so no one can steal it. It’s you writing web material because most business owners don’t know how to write web content and it’s. It’s brutal.

18:39 I’ll sell 100 percent like I asked to ask clients like a sent over what you want on your home page. I need this, this and this and on your about page you need this, this and this, and they’ll send over like a few sentences or they’ll send over a novel and you’re like, I can’t put all this on one page. I wish they’d send a novel. Almost all the business I’ve worked with a barely send over anything. I’m like, cool. Like I had like one little section your page.

19:05 I’ve seen that and we’ve also both seen that homepage that scrolls down and down and down. They go to the about us page and it’s like their whole life story too, right? So if you do some basic research on it, you’ve already beat the small business owners out there and you can then work out to them to $200 job here, a hundred dollar drop here. If I have our job here is I had, I did have a, a significant at one point where she tried doing that, there was a lot of shady stuff, you know, you might want, you might need to actually knock on some doors. You might even go into their posting on things like craigslist and stuff usually can get you some shady stuff. So

19:42 [inaudible] again, a freelance work post their jobs and uh, there’s Odesk as well, but then you bid on it. If you have a resume, you can kind of say, hey, here’s, here’s what I’ve done and here’s what I offered my services, here’s my amount. And if they like who you are, that it’s possible to get a job there. He lands is amazing for almost any type of digital work.

20:03 Yeah. Yeah. I do some specialized a for sure. Another thing that is definitely in, in Nealey’s

20:13 because he was so serious. I loved it. Halfway done.

20:19 No your mouth all over it, dude. So, um, you know, one thing that’s in his, his skill set is social media marketing. And so again, I think a little bit of research, it will make you 10 times more knowledge these small business owners. So I think you could definitely talk to more about this.

20:38 Um, to start. Most small business owners have no idea about anything social media. They think that they something every now and then that social media, it’s not a, it doesn’t take much to, to know more than them. But please guys don’t take advantage. These guys are, are, if you go the social media out there, they’re your, they’re their livelihood. And if you keep continuing, keep that repeat business and you show them that you’re legit because you do know what you’re talking about. You can get them results. It does take a lot of time and a lot of practice to be a social media marketer. Like I’m, I do it all the time, but I’m still learning and I’m still finding things out or like, Oh shit, I should’ve done that with a past client. Like they’re still going to be a ton of things that you need to know and you need to learn about that. It just, you have to take the time to research it and you can get facebook certified. It’s, it’s a free to learn. It’s about $70 to take the test. But do that. Learn facebook, the INS and outs. You can get Google adwords certified. It’s free to learn cost, take the sat, the test. But if you do that, you stand out against so many people really know what you’re doing it, it’ll go a little 10 tenfold on what you’ve actually put into it.

21:52 The big thing is I was talking about is it’s kind of like the search engines with social media. You have to always stay up to date and that’s where that sweat equity comes in. Always stay up to date with what is trending on social media and what it takes to be successful on there. And if you do that, you’re a mile. Had a small business owner so you can provide a service, can solve a problem he talked about, um, kind of like pay per click advertising, you know, that type of thing where you can charge started at $50 an hour for easily because it is very complicated and it takes a lot of time and effort, right? It’s still something you can do before you go to work in the morning and when you get home at night, just be prepared for that, that extra stuff. Now

22:29 it does take a lot of time and like if you’re a small business owner and you’re paying someone to do it, chances are they’re gonna, they’re gonna charge you about 500 to two grand a month. And just social media marketing alone. And that’s on the cheap end. Like if you go really into like big digital agencies, they’re going to charge you a, Oh yeah, that’s. But freelance work, like most of my clients are about the 500 to 1200 range per month. And that’s me creating the ads, creating the content, actually doing the ads themselves. It’s cheap. That’s cheap because I don’t have a ton of overhead.

23:06 You should register as a nonprofit because we were just making a good amount of fraud. So the thing that I want to talk about is, uh, before we get into the website, let’s talk about, um, you know, maybe how you could use Ebay, right? So you talked about buying solid things. You can go to the dollar store and you can buy things here. You can go to garage sales and crushed sales, see what you can buy, right? Use Your smartphone to see the value of this stuff. Go to antique stores, go to anything, anyone selling anything on more for the cheap and Sam, how much you can sell it for you. The great thing about garage sales and antique shops, a lot time times you can negotiate, use that, negotiate. You don’t learn how to negotiate and see what you can sell for higher on Ebay.

23:50 Um, there’s that. But then there’s also the etsy route, a route they came taught there. Hold on, say you’re good at the, do it yourself projects. You’re good at making declarations or you’re good at sewing, you’re good at something that is very a craft like Yo, get on Pinterest, get on etsy and use etsy to sell your craft and you can actually make a lot of my life and I know, I know. I know by three people at the top of my head that are making this side business where there’s times we’re making, yeah, making two or three grand extra a month and my materials are practically nothing. I have a friend that actually he takes um, scenes from movies and he edits them enough so they don’t infringe on copyright to have its own creative vision on it. And there’s times I’ll be like, yeah, I just made five grand this month and sometimes $200 this month. But he puts a lot of work to make sure you stay on the legal side of it. And also putting his creative vision as well.

24:54 And a, Gary Vaynerchuk has a, he calls it the, the 2017 flip challenge where if you actually do this, you make an extra about 20 grand average. He’s a, he’s seen from the results of just flipping stuff per year, per year, per year. That’s 20 grand per month like most criminal job. Now you’re not. You’re not going to live off 20 grand, but those side hustlers that snooze something extra, that’s buying stuff, the dollar, so that’s going to garage, so this putting it in a ton of sweat equity to get a bit extra. Most stuff you can buy at the dollar store, if you look at it, you can sell for a couple of dollars on Ebay. There’s a return on that investment costs you dollar, you sell for [inaudible]. Obviously you sell a ton of those to start making anything. It takes a lot of time, but you can make some money if you really need that extra money and then that extra 20 grand that you made that year, you put into another side hustle that you really want to do. What these are for these things may not always be what you’re really wanting to do a. At the end of that, you want to follow your passion, but you want to make sure you can actually follow that passion. If you can do stuff that helps enable that, then 100 percent go for it.

26:00 I know one thing I want to talk about that passion about is a tour guide services. Say if you really know your local city, right? You can off. You can, you can offer target services. Now, when I was, when I went through, um, I went to Louisiana, I stopped because they don’t call it New Orleans. We’re walking around and we looked at last. I’m just trying to find something on this map tourist map. We had this guy approached us and he’s like, oh, hey, by the way, used to be a tour guide that kind of laid us all off, but they call me the ambassador here. I find people that are in town and I show them on the map where to go and I, and you’ll have your itinerary. How many days are you here tonight? We’re here two days. He’s like, you’re here today, tomorrow.

26:41 The next day. I’m like, guys like, okay, this is going to be tough, and he grabbed her to her some app and um, he, we had a pen and he, he’s like, can I borrow your pen? He said, go here, go here, check this out. You’ll do this at night. Go to Frenchmen street first, don’t start on purpose, research on Frenchmen street bar hop and check out the jazz bands. And in the end ended up on Bourbon Street. Oyster is, here’s where you go for the cemetery tour, hears it. And it was phenomenal. And then I was like, hey man, this is amazing. How can I pay you? I don’t have any cash. And he goes, oh, I only have cash. Like you gotta have some type of website. I would’ve went there and just pay it online. Right? But now there’s Venmo, there’s square. Like he was putting some serious sweat equity. You have the tools to then be able to get paid. But there’s also another resource as well. I wasn’t familiar with this. Justin knows more about this.

27:29 A D, a y, a, B as Bravo, l, e, m, if you’re kind of the expert in your area, you can sign up and if someone’s looking for stuff to do, they can go to that site, hire a local tour guide, and obviously viable gets a cut. You get the rest of it and you’re basically the tour guide. You’re doing what Brandon said that dude was doing or saying, hey, you’re here for this long. Here’s what you do. You can actually get paid for it and they do it easy for you. Again, uh, our opinion, we’re not affiliated with them any way. Actually discovered them while I was researching this topic and I thought they were pretty cool with what they do is just find a, finding an expert in the area to figure out what, what to do because it’s so hard.

28:11 That’s, that’s true. I will say, uh, someone who’s traveled a lot and who’s actually going to a lot of free tours, they get paid by tip is um, tripadvisor just phenomenal. So you can get yourself on trip advisor, do the radio, register yourself as a tour guide company. Claimed the business and everything. Maybe if you’re in the states, I use yelp, tripadvisor, get on Yelp, get onto your advisor as a tour guide too. Those are the main directories. Right? And so that’s where people are going to be. But then you get on place like viable where it’s specialized for as well. We talked about this with directories. Get on everywhere relevant in your industry, right. So definitely if you know enough about your city, go for it, uh, become that, become that tour guide. So yeah, that’s, that. Those are just a couple of businesses. Whatever you’re passionate about it. Just do it. Like honestly, like if there is almost. So I would like to be a local tour guide here, but Phoenix is just so spread out. It’s just, I feel it’s a little tough to me. The tour, a tour guide here.

29:11 Yeah, it’s, everything’s on a grid, so everything’s easy to get to and there’s just so much of Arizona. There’s so many mountains and valleys, so many caverns or somebody.

29:19 We’re all spread out, whatever. It’s rough. Like, okay, we’re all gonna. Get in the car now for 30 minutes. We’d go across the valley to this other place that I like, you know, so

29:30 compared to other cities I’ve lived everywhere like this. Arizona by default is a lot closer together than most other places.

29:39 Yeah, that’s true. Yeah. Well it’s about New Orleans, New Orleans. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, is that you could walk pretty much anywhere and you can do public transportation was like legit public transportation is not great. Rent a car, don’t do the public transport. So anyways, I think that, you know, the big thing is, you know, do what you’re passionate about. It can be a side hustle and who knows if the side hustle takes off, you can turn this into a business that makes you money. Look, watch shark tank on how many just showed how many people just started. It should show. They just start. They originally just started as a hobby just for fun and they said all my friends and family loved it. Then all of a sudden people were hearing about it and now it turned into a massive business and they got a hundred $50,000 for 30 percent of their cut. Thirty percent stake in their company, so the question of the day I think is most fitting, and I’m going to give credit for Justin on this one because he came up with it, is what side hustle do you want to start? Go ahead and comment on facebook on what are those places are on slack, right? Or

30:46 instagram on a podcast dot crafting [inaudible] on craft thinking dot cop. Just go to craft [inaudible] search episode 21 and this one should pop up first. Businesses that need a little money to start and just tell us what side hustler you. Wanna start you wanna start up. We might get help give you some advice or give you some resources, but uh, yeah. Give us, give us your comments, give me your feedback, tell us what you’re passionate about. Sounds good. Well, I’ll think about deb. So I’m Nealey, I’m BGC and this is craft thinking.

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